A petition to the Editors' Code of Practice Committee

The Petition

As you may have heard via Tim Ireland of Bloggerheads fame a small group of bloggers have submitted five suggestions to the Press Complaints Commission’s [PCC] Editors’ Code of Practice Committee for their annual review of the PCC’s Editors’ Code of Practice. It has been submitted in the form of a petition – which you can sign here and add your own comment if you wish.

The five suggestions are as follows:

  • SUGGESTION ONE: Like-for-like placement of retractions, corrections and apologies in print and online (as standard).
  • SUGGESTION TWO: Original or redirected URLs for retractions, corrections & apologies online (as standard).
  • SUGGESTION THREE: The current Code contains no reference to headlines, and this loophole should be closed immediately.
  • SUGGESTION FOUR: Sources to be credited unless they do not wish to be credited or require anonymity/protection.
  • SUGGESTION FIVE: A longer and more interactive consultation period for open discussion of more fundamental issues.

For more information on this petition please read this post at Bloggerheads. The rest of this post will be concerned with a bit of background on the PCC and why it needs to change.

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