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Sometimes you read a comment on the Daily Mail website and you just cringe at just how mind-shatteringly stupid it is. What is worse is that the comment is normally rated green as well, because other Mail readers have decided: ‘you know what, he’s right you know!’. Today’s utterly moronic comment comes from John, England and has already attracted 26 positive ratings. The comment is under an article with some nice pictures of a WW2 fighter plane that crashed into the sea just off the coast of Wales:

These incredible pictures show how the previously undetected Lightning suddenly appeared on a Wales beach in 2007. Shifting water displaced sand which had hidden it for 60 years and revealed a gem find for aviation buffs.*

OK, so shifting sands have revealed the plane, got it. John on the other hand thinks this is more evidence that Global Warming is a myth:


Sometimes you just have to laugh at comments like this, otherwise you’d just collapse in a state of existential despair.

* Interesting that this was over 3 years ago, and surely it should read ‘Welsh beach’…

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