An important question about the MailOnline iPhone app

MailOnline has finally launched their iPhone App whilst Android and other mobile platforms ‘on their way’. The blurb for the app makes pretty depressing reading: ‘Now you need NEVER be without your favourite website again‘. What exactly can the app do for you? well it can provide you with exactly the same crap that the Mail website can:

Our brilliant app is everything you’d expect from Britain’s biggest newspaper website.

It’s got all the amazing breaking news, showbusiness gossip, glitzy pictures and fantastic sports stories that have made MailOnline a must-have part of millions of people’s lives.

The application is free for 60 days and then costs £4.99 for 6 months or £8.99 per year, which probably makes it cheaper than buying Closer or Hello! magazine.

However, even though the Daily Mail provides plenty of information about getting the best out of the app, at no point does the Daily Mail make it clear whether it causes or cures cancer. Until it can clarify this I for one shall not risk installing it.

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