Another wade through the Daily Mail mire

I haven’t been able to focus much today – there just seems to be so much terrible journalism and awful commenting that I just can’t bring myself to wade through any particular article. I’ll just try and point out a few things.

Firstly (via Mailwatch) comes a ‘elf ‘n’ safety’ bashing story… that as usual attempts to thoroughly mislead the reader – and succeeds: ‘Health and safety row over man who died in 18in of water as 999 teams were told it was too risky to rescue him‘. The article tries to give the impression that a man drowned in 18 inches of water whilst paramedics, police and fireman watched scratching their chins doing a health and safety assessment. Of course, this is completely untrue and Stephen Wright (the writer) is talking out of his arse. The facts are as follows:

1 – The victim (Karl Malton) was hit by a car as he walked down an unlit country road at 11pm, May 13th 2008.

2 – The driver pulled up and dialled 999 but was told to stay in his car and not try to find the victim.

3 – ‘Paramedic Sonya Lawrence arrived within 14 minutes but began to search on the nearside of the car, although it was damaged on the offside.

4 – Another 19 minutes later a second ambulance crew arrived and found Mr Malton, who had been thrown unconscious into the dyke by the collision. He was lying face down in the water and appeared to be dead. Paramedic Fergus White climbed over a barrier before deciding it was too dangerous to go down the bank.’

5 – After a further 28 minutes a team of firemen arrived and set up ladders and ropes on the bankside but were ordered to stop by senior officer Edward Holliday. Mr Holliday said: ‘I made the assessment that it would be inadvisable to enter the dyke until a properly trained and prepared crew arrived.’

6 – A post-mortem examination revealed that he had drowned but could not determine how long he had been in the water before dying. The inquest was told he would have been dead within ten minutes of entering the water.

All of this information appeared in the article and makes it clear that the headline is a complete lie. Again, I wonder how the Daily Mail gets away with doing this, do their readers not have the ability to process information contained within the article to realise that the headline is lying to them? What is clear is that it was dark and by the time the victim was found – face first in the water – he was almost certainly dead and by the time the fire service arrived he was definately dead, so why would they risk a half-assed attempt to retrieve the body when they could wait for a team better equipped?

The headline should read: ‘999 services wait for proper equipment and expertise before retrieving dead body’. Still, the Daily Mail readers are certain that ‘elf ‘n’ safety killed Karl Malton:

Too dangerous. Where the hell is the courage! The disregard for personal safety that fills any HUMAN BEING ..ARE THese people just programmed androids!

SHAME SHAME ON THEM ALL!- Dave, uk, 31/7/2009 17:20
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Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, that comment is 1974 in the green – and is just one of many along the same lines, all of them voted up. The old trick of saying everything in the headline, knowing not many Mail readers are capable of reading the small print seems to have worked again.

Secondly, the Daily Mail commentators – who let’s not forget are constantly telling us how afraid they are at the moral decline of this ‘once great nation’ into a violent hell-hole – are again supporting an act of violence, just because they do not agree with that person: ‘Vandal voters’ take revenge on Hazel Blears’ car, but she insists attack was ‘just kids’. Just a couple of comments that sum things up:

I heard this incident on the lunchtime news – AND I AM STILL SMILING!!! Silly little woman – get lost. She really does not get it – let’s hope the people of Salford take their blinkers off at the next election and kick her out.- j wright, Reading Berkshire, 10/8/2009 14:08

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Naturally this comment is in the green, whilst the next is in the red:

I have again read through a lot of these of comments and am horrified at the number of people who support tyre slashing, window smashing etc.

I am wholly in agreement with those that want new labour out and the expense system well and truly sorted.

BUT, I cannot support in any way this type of criminality.

Where does this nastiness come from?- Vaj, Savoie, France, 10/8/2009 14:06

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And finally, a story about beggars end with the comments showing just how racist some Mail readers are: ‘Professional’ beggars earning up to £200 a night to supplement their day job. Of course, our streets had never witnessed the terrible evil of beggars until all those filthy foreigners piled in (the story also fits the idea that immigrants are somehow raking money in by doing nothing – I wonder if Littlejohn will pick this story up…):

Its nice to see Gordons immigration policy working so well……- David, london, 10/8/2009 18:53

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Don’t tell me no-one knew this was going on, it’s just another scam many of them are foreigners doing what they do in there own country.
My answer is:- GIVE THEM NOTHING, they are better of than you are.- Jack Graham, Bingley UK, 10/8/2009 18:26

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On holiday in Spain 40 odd years ago there were beggars on the streets, we had none, now we have beggars from every corner of the globe. Our answer to these foreign beggars selling the Big Issue is always the same “YOU ARE THE BIG ISSUE” (facing our country today)!!!
ps: You have a ………. nice day too ‘cos you ain’t conning us. Goodbye
– Jon & Susie, Liverpool, The Land Of Beggars Belief, 10/8/2009 18:13
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would be interesting to know how many of these beggars are foreigners and not home growen ones ,, looking at your pic , who have arrive in the land of freebies under Nu Liebour.
clive, exeter devon, 10/8/2009 17:43
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This article steered well clear of revealing a little more about the origins of these people.
– William Owen, Cardiff, 10/8/2009 14:16
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The last comment is particularly enlightening, because the article does not include a single mention of whether the beggars are foreign. It does not even hint that the beggars could be foreign. But, that is the sad thing, the readers are so brainwashed into believing that all foreigners / immigrants are here for a free ride that they automatically link the article to this wider Daily Mail myth. The Daily Mail has sold this myth so well they don’t have to create all the links anymore, they can just rely on their moderated comments system on making the links for them. I also smiled when I thought that what the last comment is trying to say is: ‘I see they haven’t pointed out that all these bloody beggars are foreigners, so as not to upset the PC brigade’ – as if the Daily Mail was above stirring up hatred towards foreigners.

Sad how Daily Mail readers are so quick to believe that foreign beggars take home ‘£73,000’ a year. The only immigrant I know that takes home a huge salary and contributes nothing to the world is Richard Littlejohn.

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