Barack Obama: Racist; Glenn Beck: Libertarian

The Mail website isn’t just home to British racists, it also holds great appeal to racists of other countries. The Mail online proudly lets commentators from across the globe write absolute rubbish which is welcomed onto the site by ‘moderators’ and voted up by other moronic readers. How else could you end up with Barack Obama being accused of ‘hating whites’ and Glenn Beck being labelled a ‘libertarian’?

The story in itself is very interesting; an African-American Professor was returning from holiday when he realised that he had lost his keys. So he and his driver had to break into the home, the Police were called and an argument about racial profiling took place and the Professor was arrested – he had proved his ownership of the home but was arrested for his actions towards the police man. Barack Obama got involved – presumably before being fully aware of the exact facts – and pointed out that African-Americans have long been victims of racial profiling, something which I do not think any sane person can deny.

Glenn Beck on Fox News then says the following (as reported by the Daily Mail):

‘This president, I think, has exposed himself as a guy who over and over and over again has a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture’.He was challenged by Fox host Brian Kilmeade who pointed out that most of the people who work for Mr Obama are white and added: ‘So you can’t say he doesn’t like white people’.

Beck replied: ‘I’m not saying that he doesn’t like white people, I’m saying he has a problem. This guy is, I believe, a racist.’

So, do Daily Mail readers point out what an utter fuckwit Glenn Beck is, or do they spend their words sticking the boot into Barack Obama? I think you can all guess:

Mr President is way out of line on this one…

– Rusty, Surrey, 29/7/2009 12:13
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But, presumably, Glenn Beck is spot on? The comments sticking the boot into Barack Obama are well into the green:

Very confidence inspiring, a “President” who rushes to pronounce on a sensitive matter without even getting the facts straight first. Hmmmm, maybe his teleprompter had broken down again ….

– Eric, Newcastle Upon Tyne, 29/7/2009 11:38
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Me thinks his mask did slip a wee bit!!!

– Dave, Cockermouth Cumbria, 29/7/2009 12:44
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In one fell swoop Obama managed to alienate most of the dedicated, hard-working policemen and policewomen in America.

– Deb Wilson, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, 29/7/2009 12:46
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Whilst Glenn Beck (a C of the highest order) is getting plenty of support:

Beck is a Libertarian, not right wing. There is a difference.

– Phyllis, ETX USA, 29/7/2009 13:16
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If you watched or listen you would know that Glenn Beck is not a “right-wing” which in this case sounds like a pejorative in this context. In fact Glenn Beck is a Libertarian who attacks both the Democrats and the Republicans. A libertarian is more in the middle wanting fiscal conservative and personal liberty. I also believe that we are all using the word “racist” incorrectly we should be using bigot instead.

– Joe Styme, newark, USA, 29/7/2009 12:59
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Joe from Newark keen to point out that Barack Obama is not racist, he is actually a bigot. Wonderful that 362 people agree with this comment. As for Fox News – the kind of news station that you’d associate with a fascist dictatorship (which, I guess, is what most mainstream media is) it is getting plenty of support as well:

fox news is a joke of a news channel

– davidh, bath, 29/7/2009 12:16
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And is much better than the BBC:

Fox (Faux) News is the very best example of why we must ensure that we retain the BBC in this country!

– cp, Kent UK, 29/7/2009 13:44
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The Daily Mail website: racists of the world, unite and take over.

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