Blame is easier than reflection

My last post was an exploration of just why the media feels the need to persecute the disenfranchised. My argument was essentially that if the media – acting on behalf of those who control the world’s wealth – created constantly threatening groups that couldn’t fight back it would keep readers busy attacking victims rather than actually attacking the perpetrators – those with power and wealth. The more I interact with people on a daily basis the more I see the instinct people have to find someone else to blame, even though that person cannot possibly be at fault.

For example I was talking to someone about a fight they had recently witnessed, I made the throwaway comment that one of the fighters clearly needed to attend anger management, to which the person replied: ‘that worked for me’. Fine, but he then felt the need to add the caveat: ‘I had to pay £120 though to go private because I didn’t want to wait the 18 month to get them on the NHS. Of course, if I was foreign it would be another story.’ Naturally, I didn’t want to point out that he was perpetuating a rather silly myth because he attends anger management classes for a reason. However, the comment pissed me off because it just sums up a kind of blame culture that completely misses the point. If – and we know it is not true because the NHS has no policy of shoving foreigners to the top of the queue – the NHS did take on such a policy surely it would be the NHS that was at fault, not the person chosen for special treatment?

People just want someone to lash out at because if they actually tried to sit down and work out who they were angry with they’d probably have to really consider just why it is that things are the way they are. Is the wait because the NHS are underfunded, overused and ultimately a victim of the culture that sees a tax raise as a completely unacceptable evil? Would the person have been happy to pay more taxes if it meant the NHS were quicker at seeing him? I very much doubt it. Just read any message board or any news program were Joe Public is threatened with raised taxes to find out how ‘disgusting’ they find the idea.

Because most people don’t want to admit that certain organisations are a reflection of the priorities of the society that they are part of they just want to blame someone without thinking.

In steps a ‘foreigner’ an ‘immigrant’ an ‘asylum seeker’ or ‘gypsy’. It is all too easy to lay the blame at the feet of a minority group, who, if they actually stopped to think about things for a second, couldn’t possibly have caused the terrible things that they are whinging about. It’s just such an intellectual cop-out. Schools are crowded because education isn’t as important to the government as foreign wars, weapons programmes or bailing out banks. Schools have always been crowded, that they are today is no reflection on immigration or an immigrant ‘baby boom’ – no matter what shitrags like the Daily Mail say.

I really wonder what people would do if every single foreign person just got up and left the UK, who would they blame for the price of food, crime, hospital waiting times, their rubbish jobs, their redundencies, their housing situation, their lack of benefits, paying taxes, pensions not enough, changing culture, modernity? If foreign people didn’t exist in the UK would any of these issues fundementally change? I don’t think anything would change and i’m sure the press would invent some new scoundrel to unite the masses in outrage. We’d probably all be DNA tested and those that arrived slightly later in the UK become the next scapegoat for people to blame their own failings or the failings of their society on.

The truth is I instantly lose all respect for people who roll out these arguments because it shows that they believe without questioning what they read in the papers and they suspend their thoughts to do so. If the NHS really had a policy of treating foreigners first, do you really think the media wouldn’t have let us know – properly, rather than just lame implications that ‘white people are second-class citizens’.

It is not the minorities who are at fault, it is the mindless dickheads who blame them for everything.

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