Compassion for Criminals

I just don’t understand the Daily Mail sometimes. One minute they seem to be in favour of total law enforcement, ready to hang a shoplifter if they stole a Chomp bar; and at other times they think that the citizen is being picked on because they’re ‘otherwise law abiding’ – such as speeding offences. Today they print another story that just doesn’t seem to make any sense: ‘What’s worse than your car being flooded up to its windscreen? Finding you’ve been given a parking ticket too…‘.

The Daily Mail makes it clear that they seem surprised that the cars had tickets issued, even though the drivers had been illegally parked: ‘They were flooded up to their windscreens with filthy water, but when the flooding subsided yesterday a parking inspector wasted no time issuing tickets because they were on double yellow lines’. So, whats the problem? Whether the cars were flooded or not does not change the fact that they were illegally parked before the flooding occurred and were rightly ticketed.

The Daily Mail Reporter includes a few words from a nearby landlord who they want to be outraged, but they also see the fact that nothing untoward has happened here:

Shaun Binns, landlord of the Lowther pub, which was also affected by rising river levels, said he was astonished to see tickets on the windscreens.

He said: ‘Normally you get people parking on there but they move them in time to avoid flooding. But in this case I think the river’s come up very quickly and they must have been caught out.

‘There are double yellow lines down there and I suppose you could say if you’re not allowed to park there then you shouldn’t, but the inspector must have seen the cars had been flooded and you’d think they’d have a bit of compassion.’

Why? If they hadn’t been illegally parked in the first place they wouldn’t have been flooded. It seems strange that the Daily Mail doesn’t seem to grasp this fact, they even include the detail that the drivers can appeal against the tickets:

A council spokesman claimed parking attendants had been ‘unaware’ some cars had been flooded when issuing the tickets.

She added if the drivers provided evidence their vehicle had been submerged, they could successfully appeal against the ticket.

Considering how little compassion the Daily Mail show for real human trauma it seems strange that they can manage to forgive illegally parked drivers just because their cars were flooded… as a direct result of being illegally parked.

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