Daily Mail Attacks Beth Ditto for being fat

The Daily Mail has been busy with its usual annual campaign to bully everyone in the public eye to wear poppies for remembrance, but, as usual, it still finds time to attack the minority groups that it does not like – like fat people. It is perfectly obvious to everyone that Beth Ditto is larger than the average person, it isn’t news, it isn’t journalism and it certainly isn’t pleasant when the Daily Mail makes personal attacks on people:

Beth Ditto

Naturally this sort of snide, bitchy comment belongs to ‘The Daily Mail Reporter’ because like most bullies, the person writing this shit is a coward as well as shitty filler writer. And of course, the only 4 commentators on the story are also getting into the spirit.

Beth Ditto Comments

Still, keep trying to climb to moral highground, eh, Daily Mail, I’m sure your freedom to make snide comments about people is exactly what all those millions died for.

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