'Daily Mail Diamonds'

I would dearly love to interview this couple to get their opinion on the world; from the Daily Mail Letters page today:

Daily Mail Diamonds

My husband (aged 85) and I (83) can beat Brian Toon’s brother-in-law’s parents (Letters) for the longest readership of the Daily Mail’s lively pages.

Last week we celebrated our Diamond Wedding anniversary and we’ve been regular readers for all those 60 years – plus both of us before we were married, making a total of well over 120 years between us.

My only grumble is that in a busy life it’s so meaty that I’m often still finishing it in bed at midnight – and I don’t read the sports pages.

We could buy two copies as my poor husband, in allowing me to commandeer the paper, is always a day behind reading it.

Down the years, with the Mail’s help, we’ve invested money wisely and feel we know what’s going on in the world. And what would we do without Fred Basset?

Mrs Madge Green,
Farnham, Surrey.

[Presumably the answer to her rhetorical answer is: ‘laugh’.]

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