Daily Mail front page lie over Paternity leave plans

I wonder if Daily Mail readers ever get tired of being fed dishonest headlines designed only to enrage them. I wonder if Daily Mail readers ever just want to be informed, to actually know – in a clear, honest way – what is actually going on. Today Nick Clegg released some details on planned changes for Paternity/ Maternity leave. This is something that could have an impact on a lot of people, and the Daily Mail – who are always concerned with the state of families – would surely want to report sensibly on what was being proposed.

According to the BBC:

The new scheme, first proposed by the last government, will let a father take up any remaining unpaid leave if their partner goes back to work early.

The BBC article then confirms that:

if a mother returns to work without taking a full year’s maternity leave the father will be able to take the remaining time, up to a maximum of six months. [Emphasis is mine]

Instead of concentrating on informing readers of the truth about proposals the Daily Mail instead does this:

Utterly dishonest, sensationalised and designed to get people angry or scared. The headline, as usual, is a complete lie and this kind of reporting just tosses another spade full of soil onto the coffin of the PCC.

Put this story into a wider context. The Daily Mail constantly attacks the idea of single-parent families – Peter Hitchens even went as far as calling for the complete abolition of benefits to single mothers – declaring such benefits as part of the ‘state-sponsored assault on marriage’. The Daily Mail is forever linking the breakdown of the traditional family to the ‘breakdown’ of society in Britain – broken families equals broken Britain. Yet Nick Clegg announces the chance for fathers to have a greater participation in the first year of a child’s life and they react with horrified exaggeration.

It leaves you wondering if fathers are needed for child-rearing after all, or whether the Daily Mail will react childishly and stupidly to any news item, even if it goes against their normal line.

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