Dick Spotted, Named Littlejohn

Predictably, today Richard Littlejohn couldn’t resist an ‘hilarious’ repetition of the ‘Spotted Dick has been banned and PC gone mad has changed it to Spotted Richard’ – which I guess is quite brave really, tackling a story which talks about ‘Dick’ and ‘Richard’ meaning the same thing. Naturally Littlejohn is fully behind the cries of ‘PC gone mad’ because he is an utterly thick twat and couldn’t possibly grasp even such a simple story as this to discover that really it has nothing to do with Political Correctness.

Thankfully a commentator has managed the following brilliant riposte:

Brilliant response to Littlejohn drivel

Superb. As usual there are numerous corrections for another Littlejohn mistake – this time calling someone an LibDem MP when in fact they belong to Labour; as well as pointing out that his main article is just the usual unfounded assumptions.

Really Richard, at least try and earn your salary by writing the odd decent column.

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