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The Daily Mail website has stopped moderating comments on certain articles which has many outcomes: it has scared advertisers; increased debate and dissent but most of all it has shown Mail readers to be even more stupid and one-dimensional that first thought. Take an article from the Mail’s Science and Tech section for example: Astronomers snap most distant black hole in universe, which is 1bn times bigger than the Sun. The comments on this article are largely utterly predictable:

Wow……is it a bigger hole than the one in Labour’s finances ? Frightening stuff; the stuff of nightmares……….No, not the Black Hole……Labour’s continual inability to balance the accounts.- Jim, Norwich England, 2/9/2009 18:45
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That is positively amazing – the light from this Black Hole has traveled for most of the universe’s 13.7billion-year lifespan to reach us – just in time for next years General Election. Pack yer bags liebour, yer on the next flight! That includes you Harperson!

– GB, London, 2/9/2009 19:20
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I wish this government would get sucked into it along with brussels.

– C.A. Hodson, Grimsby England, 2/9/2009 20:48
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And brevity means I will not copy and paste the others almost exactly the same and just as ‘hilarious’ and original as these. You then get the ‘I know better than bloody so-called scientists’ comments:


Yet also another phenomenon that seems to dispute the big bang theory. But that is merely glossed over by the scientists as “surprising”. Some day they are going to be forced to have a rethink about this “Big Bang” theory.- Chris Cooke, Tamworth, UK, 2/9/2009 20:36
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The biggest black hole found so far is 18 billion solar masses. Sufficient smaller black holes are not going to merge to have formed it in the age of the universe. If you have a black hole in the centre of a galaxy, any outside black hole coming in is going to wreck that galaxy. Time to look for another theory- Jim Diamond, Cambridge UK, 2/9/2009 18:40
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You also get the obligatory WTF? comments:

Is that a deep look?

I could never be courageous enough to visit the universe just in case I came across one of those and moved left and right! Brrr… I’d freak-out and die!- Sabina Newson, Surrey, England, 2/9/2009 18:25
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The ‘this’ll be another reason to tax us’ comments (and bash global warming at same time):

No doubt caused by man made C02 emissions… Carbon hole tax coming soon.- English Cad, Cad Towers Canterbury, 2/9/2009 18:20
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liebour said because of it’s size it’s in the z tax band.
If it refuses to pay it will get an asbo.

– bonnythescouser, liverpool, 2/9/2009 18:14
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And finally, you get an occasional dissenting comment that somehow makes it all worthwhile:

But does it cure or cause cancer? According to the Mail almost everything else does. I think we should be told.- Chris K, Warwick, 2/9/2009 20:47
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And it is even rated positively. On this article there are 18 comments in total 9 have a dig at the government / economy / taxes. That’s 50% and I wouldn’t be surprised to find a similar percentage on just about any article no matter what the topic. As a commenter points out:

do i have to listen to labour being mentioned in every single story on this website. apparently you can’t even go 12.8billion light-years to get away from it .- sarah, fife, 2/9/2009 22:49
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Quite. It’s really rather boring and predictable – I really wonder at the mentality of people who can get pleasure from reading the inane, irrelevant and deeply unfunny digs about ‘nu-liebour’ that make up the vast proportion of comments on the Daily Mail website.

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