'Hot water'

One of the lead stories currently on the Mail website is this pointless piece of hysteria:

Hot water?

Quite why he is in ‘hot water’ the Daily Mail do not really explain because the job advert is not actually asking for a Romanian speaker but actually stated that: ‘The ability to speak Romanian is an advantage.’ So, is there any suggestion as to why he is in ‘hot water’? Well, kind of: ‘it caused a storm after a furious job hunter spotted it and called a local radio station to complain, sparking a heated on-air debate’. The Mail states that ‘Job Centre executives have removed the controversial words from the advert and launched an inquiry’ but I cannot think as to why an inquiry would be at all relevant here as no laws seem to have been broken, nor is it discrimination because it is only an ‘advantage’, not a requirement to speak Romanian.

The whole story is utterly pointless and it will be interesting to see what the job centre conclude once they have completed their ‘enquiry’.

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