Ignorance is a tabloid's best friend

Take someone mildly well-known, add in some uneducated comments about climate change being a big scam and you have the perfect article for a tabloid newspaper. Open up the comments section and you have the perfect chance to let readers claim that said article is just another example of how the truth about climate change as a tax-raising con is finally being uncovered.

It’s kind of fitting that the Daily Mail is playing such an active role in the destruction of the planet really, kind of sums up the newspaper.

Anyway, here is the headline: ”We must stop pandering to climate scaremongers’: Ex-Civil Service chief blasts ministers for global warming ‘evangelism”. The article then gives this idiot a soapbox before finding time at the end to point out that he might just be talking an absolute pile of shite:

Dr Bob Ward, a climate change policy expert at the London School of Economics, said Lord Turnbull’s paper was ‘riddled with basic scientific errors’.

‘He misunderstands the science and the nature of risk,’ he said. ‘No one denies that there is uncertainty in the future impacts of climate change. But because the impacts are potentially so huge and economically damaging, if we wait until we are sure it will be too late to do anything about it.’

A quick glance at the best rated comments:

Funny, even our badly educated population can see that this is a massive tax raising scam. Yet the politicos and people who live in Brighton think it’s all for real !…. Little by little the scam is being exposed.

– Dan away from la merde, Brittany, 9/6/2011 6:28
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Here, here! At last someone’s talking sense. The only reason I can see that governments follow all this climate change claptrap is that it’s another way of extracting huge taxes out of their already over-taxed citizens.

– Judith, King’s Lynn, England, 9/6/2011 6:28
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At last – a common sense realistic approach to combat the beliefs of the global warming alarmists. Global temperatures have been rising and some of the increase is caused by rising levels of CO2 but be realistic about the causes since there is a mountain of evidence about the role of the of the sun, cosmic rays, clouds and oceans in climate the change debate – man made CO2 represents less than 0.1% of the total. It seems that global warming is the new religion and anyone who questions the causes is deemed a heretic. Scientists and the sheep who jump on the global warming bandwagon and deliberately mislead the public should be ashamed of themselves In the Sixties we were told of a population explosion that would lead to global starvation then we were warned the world was running out of natural resources. When global temperatures began to dip in the Seventies many eminent scientists warned that we faced a new Ice Age.

– Stingray, Durham, 9/6/2011 6:40
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climate change is a bit like the emperers new clothes, everybody who can profit from the doom theories climbs on board and squeals like a little pig whenever anyone dares to disagree. The simple fact is that we are merely the fleas on the back of this planet , yes we need to pollute less and breed less but that is for own good , our planet can merely shrug its shoulders and destroy thousands of us whenever it wants . One volcano can pollute the atmoshere more than we can in years in just a few minutes . Put climate change where it belongs and get a grip on the moneymaking chaos these policies have become

– kayerunrig, lincoln, 9/6/2011 5:59
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Slowly but surely the truth is coming out. Man-made global warming is a political scam devised to once again confuse and prey on the fears of the ordinary person who havent been given all the facts. It was setup as a mechanism to allow the funding of a global government (through taxation of ‘carbon’ in wealthy countries). They needed to do this so that everyone believed we were all doomed unless we did something about it and (crucially) willingly allowed the government to implement the taxes. Once again, the government has deliberately mis-led the masses for its own benefit – this is treasonous. The fact is, several hundred years ago, it was hotter than it is now, yet we survived…. Amazing how people dont even see truth when its right in front of them. Its all a scam – wake up sheeple, WAKE UP!

– Alan, Geneva, 9/6/2011 5:55
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The voice in the wilderness but like all pariahs he is doomed to be ignored. The climate industry is as artificial as its arguments but it does make money and no scientist interested in a career and funding can afford to state anything that challenges the current charlatan orthodoxy so readily embraced by governments and their lickspittles. I have yet to read of any valid theory supported by evidence man has contributed to climate change. The chief difficulty being no one as yet can quantify a world temperature average with which to compare findings.

– robin, horsham UK, 9/6/2011 6:23
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This really isn’t helping my fragile state of mind.

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