It is not about truth

I often write about how Daily Mail readers swallow any old rubbish if it suits their prejudices – even the ‘stories’ that are nothing more than a completely dishonest headline and the article clearly states that the truth is completely different attract legions of outraged comments from Mail readers. Yet the current top story on the Daily Mail website has attracted some cynical comments from an otherwise gullible readership:

I do not believe it

I think you can probably guess the article: ‘Black British couple give birth to white blue-eyed blonde baby girl‘. It is strange how the same readership can utterly believe an entirely made up story about the Red Arrows being banned from flying in Dartmouth (when presented with zero evidence and actually told in the article that they had not in fact been banned), yet this story – with evidence from doctors and the hospital – is not believed.

Almost as if Daily Mail readers just believe what they want to, rather than what is actually true…

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