Liz Jones identifies cause of British riots

Liz Jones is supposedly a fashion journalist, but given her penchant for writing bizarre drivel the Daily Mail are more than happy for her to join their dedicated team of moronic columnists and they welcome her views on pretty much any subject – whether it is sending her to Somalia to report on famine, or allowing her to trace the steps of the recently murdered. Today she argues that people in fashion are a bit dim if they dress scruffily – John Galliano – and that young people riot if they don’t wear a suit and tie.

Seriously: ‘Sloppy clothes lead to sloppy minds… Don’t they, Mr Galliano?’ is the title, here are her thoughts on why young people rioted:

the problem started when the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and Gap commandeered hip-hop clothing and sold it back to young people. The style became self-perpetuating and, to be honest, it rotted young people’s brains.

Look at the footage of the young people rioting in London and Birmingham and so on, and it’s like looking at a commercial for American Apparel. Sloppy clothes lead to sloppy minds.

Just as drawstring trousers never emit the warning sign that you might be getting fat, so sportswear means you will never be smart, disciplined or employable.

Do you know anyone under the age of 25 who owns shoe polish, or an iron? Place these young men in a suit and tie, and the women in pretty dresses, and their attitudes would change, and our attitudes towards them would change, too: we would smile at them rather than shun them.

The biggest disservice the fashion super-brands have done is to relax a generation, for huge profit, and not equip them for the real, corporate world. The T-shirt and sweatpant (even denim has been ditched as being too uncomfy and restricting), rather than making its wearer athletic and healthy, does just the opposite.

It doesn’t just make its owner cash poor. Given the high cost of all this stretch rubbish, it makes them unemployable.

So, in conclusion, people are so bovine that they are completely under the influence of the fashion industry and that because of this, if we all wore suits then poverty and violence would evaporate because somehow a complete cultural and financial shift can be achieved simply by changing what we wear. Even for Liz Jones this is just beyond stupid.

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