Mail Attacks School Children

Are you still reading?

Have you made it to the second paragraph of this post?

You did, and now you’re reading the third, well done, you are obviously not a Daily Mail reader. Daily Mail readers – and arguably Tabloid readers in general – cannot often get past the headline of an article, they just read the headline and scroll straight to the bottom so they can demonstrate that they haven’t read the article. The reason why tabloid newspapers get away with constantly false headlines is that their readers never manage to read the article to realise just what a crock of shit they are being spoon-fed.

Today’s example is the ninth most commented on story today on the Mail website: ‘Council to ban the word ‘obesity’ – so fat children don’t get offended‘. Naturally, Mail readers rushed to the bottom of the article to scream ‘PC gone mad’:

And to think that somebody got paid out of your money to dream this waste up?

– Richo, Clacton, 12/4/2010 10:50 Click to rate Rating 325

If all these “offensive” words are banned, we’ll end up with a two word vocabulary, Yes, No and pointing. But thinking about it, even No has a negative connotation!

PC madness strikes again!

– elmartino, Narbonne, France, 12/4/2010 10:52 Click to rate Rating 294

Come on, let’s have the names of the PC twerps who thought this one up. They can ban the use of the word obese, but their PC nonsense won’t make the fact that obesity can kill go away. They can’t ban death!

– Terence, Hereford, UK, 12/4/2010 10:58 Click to rate Rating 281

Let’s just consider the final comment for a moment: ‘let’s have the names of the PC twerps who thought this one up’ – err, read the article Terence and you’d know who they were:

The idea was dreamed up by 90 pupils in the Liverpool Schools’ Parliament, a scheme to help children become more interested in politics.

Now Liverpool City Council will formally consider their proposal to drop the word from all local authority schemes aimed at improving children’s health.

Which also leaves ‘Richo’ from Clacton (‘And to think someone got paid out of your money to dream this waste up?’) looking rather silly. Of course, the above comments are currently numbers 2-5 of the best rated comments underneath the article. This means you are not dealing with 3 idiots, but hundreds of dribbling morons who voted them up.

An attempt to engage children in politics and address a sensitive issue in schools has been mocked by a national newspaper – and utterly misrepresented to blame the PC brigade – to stir up a pathetic agenda. And the press wonders why young people have an apathy towards politics and feel disenfranchised. Well done the Daily Mail, you can now tick off ‘school children’ to the long list of groups you have attacked, bullied and misrepresented.

Insert your own expletive here: &$%£S

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