No journalistic justification

Continuing the theme that the Daily Mail will use any excuse to print pictures of half-naked women comes this story:

Why do they need to print this picture?

Again, there is no journalistic justification for including this photo. It is simply used to attract the eager clicks of visitors curious as to whether the photo is repeated next to the article without any crude censorship. It is repeated in the article revealing a duvet just about covering her modesty, whilst the crude censorship remains, but the article states the photo was taken on her honeymoon by her husband. It is not newsworthy and as the article uses several other clothed photos of her, they cannot even use the justification that they had no other pictures to choose from.

There is something deeply unpleasant about this deeply personal image being used to attract a few more clicks and a little bit more advertising revenue for the Mail website. As if this unnecessary voyeurism wasn’t bad enough, the staggeringly puritan supposed moral stance of the Daily Mail makes this janiform obsession completely hypocritical.


The Sun / News of the World (link on Sun Website takes you to NOTW article), needless to say, do not hold back. Not only are they happy to put up the topless photo uncensored, they also provide a photo slideshow for eager readers, culminating with Anna Chapman and a sex toy – because such a photo is an integral part of the spy story you understand.

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