Not entirely convincing

Flicking through the Daily Mail today I couldn’t miss the double-page spread hailing ‘King Xavi’ (a very talented Spanish footballer). I also immediately recalled a very unflattering jibe made by the Mail about Xavi a couple of years ago, such a prominent jibe that even the Daily Mail thought they had better try to acknowledge it. This must be the first time I have seen the Mail actually acknowledge that they have previously said something completely contradictory or stupid – just a shame it is a insignificant football story, rather than say the MMR jab scare that they fuelled and then pretended that they had not said anything about. Here is what they did, they tucked away this little gem in the corner of the double-page spread:


As was pointed out at the time of the original Mail headline, Xavi was one of the best footballers in the world in 2009 – the Mail trying to claim he was merely an ’emerging talent’ at the time is laughable. As Football365 point out:

Woah there, fellas. An ’emerging talent’?

For the record, the then-28-year-old Xavi had appeared approximately 300 times for Barcelona in La Liga, which he had won three times. He also had a Champions League winner’s medal and the small matter of a Euro 2008 triumph under his belt. Oh and he had been named Player of the Tournament after Euro 2008 and then appeared in both FIFA and UEFA’s Teams of the Year.

It would have probably been better had they just kept quiet about the previous headline, rather than make themselves look stupid by trying to crudely revise history in the face of overwhelming evidence.

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