'Pictured': The Daily Mail's Victorian freakshow

The Daily Mail is very pleased with themselves today, having acquired some pictures of the ‘The mother aged 10 who had baby with her 13-year-old cousin’. The Daily Mail borrows its imperialist outlook and moral backwardness from the Victorian era so it is only right that they use the Victorian freakshow as a business model for their website. Pictured. Here is the freak, look at her, comment on this story, tell your friends – they’ve all heard about this 10-year-old girl, now they can see her!

This is not journalism. This 10 year old girl is a human being and a victim of her circumstances. This story should raise questions about why such huge disparities exist between the rich and the poor and how the children, being unknowningly born into their circumstances are always victims. Instead the Mail gloats about the power of their intrusion:

Today the Daily Mail publishes these first pictures of the feckless parents and can exclusively reveal details of their doomed relationship, including how after she became pregnant aged nine, their mothers allowed them to live as ‘husband and wife’.

What a scoop. We’ve dug up all the details of how a 9-year-old girl got pregnant, and we’ve got pictures so exclusive that we’ve added a Daily Mail watermark so no other paper can steal our fabulous new attraction. It took two ‘journalists’ to write this story: Nick Fagge and Tamara Cohen. They should be thoroughly disgusted with themselves, but I imagine they abandoned their morals a long time ago in order to accept a job writing for the Daily Mail.

I wonder if the PCC are interested in how the Daily Mail have invaded the privacy of this 10-year-old girl, given that the ‘in the public interest’ defence is designed to allow the public access to information that they really need to know, not to allow them access to information that is little more than an modern Victorian freakshow.

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