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Football365’s Mediawatch section makes a big claim today about a Mail article on Wayne Rooney’s foreign holiday:

This is a big call, but Mediawatch doesn’t think it has ever been more astounded by an execrable, repulsive, sanctimonious article in a national newspaper than by David Jones’s piece in The Daily Mail on Saturday.

They end the piece with this:

What do you think is more reprehensible David – a wealthy young couple spending thousands on a holiday, or a paper that claims to represent the struggling masses splashing out to follow them?

The Mail is usually the loudest whining voice whenever a celebrity dares to try and restrict access to their private life, bleating about freedom of speech. Well, there’s not much point in having that freedom if you’re going to waste it by castigating a man enjoying himself on holiday.

Now click here and go and read the rest.

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