Renaming the British Channel

The Daily Mail are covering the ‘news’ that the barmy EU are renaming and downgrading the ‘British Channel’ and GUESS WHO’S PAYING:

the mighty English Channel’s status could be reduced to that of a mere creek if Brussels has its way.

Officials want to rename it ‘the Anglo-French Pond’ as part of a plan to bolster the notion of an EU superstate.

More than £1million, much of it coming from the British taxpayer, is being spent drawing up a new map to be distributed to schools and bureaucrats.

It defies centuries of history by wiping out current national borders to foster ‘cultural identification’ between regions and encourage greater integration.

Of course, the whole story is absolute bullshit and pretty silly, even by Daily Mail standards. For starters it seems to assume that every country in Europe currently refers to the stretch of water as the ‘British Channel’, which they don’t. However, that aside, what is really pathetic is the Mail seriously suggesting that the story has any merit. This ‘map’ has existed in some form since 2006 and at that point the Telegraph published the following:

Andrew Duff, the Liberal Democrat MEP for the East of England, described the Conservative reaction to the directive and the creation of transnational regions as “childish baloney. This directive is trying to achieve a norm of statistics across Europe to develop social policy, transport infrastructure and so on,” he said. “It is just a tool for policy-making.”

Not surprisingly the article has already attracted over 528 comments from the utterly stupid people that take this kind of Euro-sceptic nonsense seriously. I wonder if the accompanying picture of a Spitfire flying past the White Cliffs is Polish again

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