Schoolboy Errors

The Daily Mail have taken great delight in mocking the ‘schoolboy error’ of ‘bungling workmen who missed the C in SCHOOL‘ on road markings. Yet, as spotted by @Mavis_Cruel, today in this story Sophie Forbes makes the following ‘schoolboy error’:

Jolie, who turned 35 last week, is caught up in a racially charged debate over whether the role should of been played by a black woman.

Of course, as any schoolboy (or girl) should know, ‘should of’ is not proper English, it is a common mistake that occurs when people hear the pronunciation of the contraction ‘should’ve’ as ‘should of’, not ‘should have’.

People in glass houses…*

* This blog is highly unlikely to be error-free, but then I never normally dedicate articles to pointing out typos or other insignificant mistakes. I also lack an editor and the time to properly proofread before posting. Just getting this caveat in before readers start pointing out all the mistakes I make on a daily basis.


1 Comment pointing out an error, which also contains an error! Hurrah for the mistakes of pedants!

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