The Daily Mail face of crime

The teenager who poured bleach over a woman in a revenge attack for being told to be quiet in the cinema has had their photo released to journalists. Here is the photo:


Here are some of the comments on the Daily Mail article:

Diversity is our strength. Isn’t it?

– George S, Crawley UK, 11/1/2010 15:52

he looks the type that will do it again–or worse-why dont we have decent law and order in this country–we pay plenty in taxes

– tony, scotland, 11/1/2010 15:36

Was this a racist crime, but not mentioned, I wonder why???

– alan, weybridge, 11/1/2010 15:17

looks like he has an IQ of about 3

– Peter Woods, Torre Chianca, 11/1/2010 15:01

Well, well, well. Surprise, surprise.

– Robert, London, 11/1/2010 14:34

No criticism, please, This is one of those for whom we have to be effusively grateful that he is in our country. Obviously the poor lad was engaging in a mere childish prank, and this – I’m happy to say – has been reflected in his sentence.
ps Hope some of you out there understand irony, or I’m sunk

– William, Devon, UK, 11/1/2010 14:11

If I say what I think I’ll be accused of being “racist” even though I’m NOT and I’ll just be telling it as it is.

– Steve, Elche Alicante, 11/1/2010 13:30

Immigration at its finest once again.

– Steve, Bangkok, 11/1/2010 13:26

This is ignoring the huge amount of comments wanting the ‘Birch’ brought back, the comments demanding ‘it’ be ‘put down’ and the numerous comments caring ‘not one jot about his upbringing’.

There are two main adverts on this page: T M Lewin (clothing) and Aviva (Insurance). I have contacted both of them with a link to this page to see whether they approve of their adverts being placed next to such racist comments.

I am not in anyway condoning the actions of this individual, but a person’s actions can never justify racism (which is judging the whole ethnic group by the behaviour of a minority). Nor am I naive enough to believe that the upbringing hasn’t had a significant bearing on this teenager’s behaviour. I appreciate the Mail and its readers will dismiss this view as loony-liberalism but in my experience working with young people on a daily basis (and through knowing a bit about Sociology and Psychology) people are a direct product of the environment in which they are raised in. This is why we see a large amount of crime on poverty ridden housing estates for example – something the Daily Mail would back up with its view of the working classes – for commenters to then turn around and say that childhood had no influence on this person’s behaviour seems hypocritical at best.

This is not offering an excuse for the teenager, it is merely to point out just because I may have been brought up to respect others and know right from wrong, I am not assuming everyone else has been as lucky as me – something Daily Mail readers don’t seem to consider.

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