The inevitable result of believing the lies of the tabloid press

All thanks to tabloid lies
This is currently the highest rated comment under an article on the BNP on the Daily Mail website. You’ll immediately recognise lies from the Daily Express, Daily Mail and others in his post. Support for the BNP is the inevitable result of concerted tabloid lies about Muslims and immigrants in general.


The article on the Daily Mail website is: ‘Thank you for being so stupid’: BNP leader Nick Griffin hails BBC for boost to his party. The lies that the commenter is referring to are as follows:

1, Fairness (to the immigrant) – refers to the notion that Immigrants get massive handouts and social housing whilst the ‘white indigenious’ population are left with nothing. See here for how the Daily Mail only report the myth about social housing and not the facts.

2, Justice (no thanks we just want Shariah Law) – this refers to the frankly disgusting Daily Express headline that stated ALL Muslims want Shariah Law to be adopted in the UK. The truth is that a few frothing loonies want such a thing to happen, which is entirely insignificant to the general Muslim population. See TabloidWatch and The Enemies of reason for more on this.

3, equality (you will shut your schools…) refers to an article in the Daily Mail (amongst others) this week about schools being shut for certain religious holidays. As Tabloidwatch points out: a, this has been happening since the 80s, so it is hardly news; b, it is under review due to criticism and c, it is only by 3 councils – so not really something being imposed on the whole of the education system as the Mail would want you to believe.

The point I have been trying to make recently is that the Daily Mail and other tabloids can write all the bitchy articles they want about how terrible the BNP are, but they cannot escape they fact their reporting is inherently racist. The tabloid agenda is designed to spread fear of minorities and it does this through perpetuating the same old myths all of the time.

For the tabloid press to then turn around and blame other myths – mass immigration, open borders, putting immigrants ahead of the indigenous population – for the rise of the BNP is not acceptable. A BBC article today spoke to people in London – including a BNP Councillor Bob Bailey – about their views of the BNP and those who supported the BNP churned out tabloid myths as reasons for supporting the BNP. Take June, a middle-aged woman:

“Good luck to Nick,” says June. “I voted for the BNP because England is ruined, completely. They’ve let too many immigrants in. Full stop. Their housing comes before ours, before the English people. This area has changed for the worse, I think it’s a terrible area because there are too many foreigners, sorry about that, but it’s my opinion.”

The housing myth has been put to bed by a lengthy report, the Mail simply failed to report this and instead still peddles the myth every chance it gets. I’m not sure who is really to blame, the tabloids for reporting myths, or a percentage of the public for being too stupid, bigoted or ignorant to see through them?

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