The 'semantics' of climate change

A new year, same old Littlejohn. Littlejohn is now recycling his columns to such an extent that he is beyond parody. Today’s column (Mandelson to run the Jubilee? God save the Queen!) makes his normal crass, prejudiced stereotypes: Peter Mandelson is called ‘Mandy’ is drawn as camp as possible in the obligatory crap cartoon – because he is gay you see; wherever the Queen visits happen to run into brown-skinned people they are carrying out ‘ritual beheadings’, making shoe-bombs or have just returned from fighting in Yemen – because all brown people are terrorists you see… And so on, I’d have to copy and paste the whole column to get all of the prejudices from the column here – and they are so familiar I don’t see the need to.

As if this tour-de-farce wasn’t enough Richard Littlejohn tackles climate change – again – and makes the point that as it is cold outside climate change is therefore a conspiracy concocted to victimise honest taxpayers. This is par for the course (Littlejohn mentions saving the Polar Bears yet again in this column) but it is interesting to see that this time Littlejohn actually attempts to tackle the criticism he gets in his comments:

Ah, say the ‘experts’, there’s a difference between ‘weather’ and ‘climate’. They are forced to resort to semantics to sustain their insistence that the science is settled, even though they are all sitting there shivering like brass monkeys. They’d still cling to their belief in man-made warming if Hell froze over.

So there you have it: the only difference between ‘weather’ and ‘climate’ according to Littlejohn is semantic. I wish everything in life was as simple as Littlejohn makes out, but sadly things are a little more complex than that and the cold weather outside today says nothing about climate change or the climate in general. I guess this is why Littlejohn rarely engages in criticism of his points, because when he does he looks feeble-minded, rather than just ignorant.

He also finds time for a quick ‘elf ‘n’ safety’ gone mad story:

On Wednesday, in Stranraer, local residents decided to take advantage of a frozen pond in Agnew Park. They included former Scottish Ladies Curling champions, past presidents of the local ice rink and two serving police officers.

Needless to say, when word reached the Town Hall, an official was dispatched to tell them to stop immediately…

Until the boxes were ticked and warning notices erected, skating and curling was banned.

A quick Google search shows a Flickr photo stream of the people curling along with the following description:

Curling on a frozen pond at Agnew Park Stranraer. Interestingly the council came along and told them to stop until they had “risk assessed” the curling on the ice……the game continued

Bravo Richard, you’ve just been paid for another terrible column.

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