The Standards of Daily Mail Journalism

Peter Andre’s fury as Katie Price gives toddler Princess a glamour model style makeover‘ – quotations from Peter Andre: none; mentions of him being ‘furious’ about this from a spokesman: none; advertisements for ‘What Katie Did Next on ITV’: three.

All smiles on American Idol as Ellen DeGeneres and Simon Cowell give no hint of behind-the-scenes row‘ – article introduction: ‘Ellen DeGeneres was said to be furious after Simon Cowell kept her waiting for over an hour on her first day as the new American Idol judge.’

Actual quote from Ellen DeGeneres about ‘row’:

And she commented on their row.

‘Everyone’s making such a big deal about the tension,’ she told Idol presenter Ryan Seacrest on his radio show this week.

‘You know, there’s been a lot of fun on that panel. Kara [DioGuardi]’s been great, and Randy [Jackson]’s been great. And I think it was either Wednesday or Tuesday, Simon was great.’

But it seems the pair are managing to work through their differences, at least for now.

‘I think he’s a funny guy and I think he’s a smart guy,’ she said. ‘I like Simon.

‘He’s going to be a challenge. He’s Simon, and I’m me. We are completely different people.

‘We’ll see how it goes.’

Wow. She sounds furious. American Idol will no doubt be screened on ITV2 shortly. Almost as if the Daily Mail’s churnalism of invented controversies is providing a free advertising service for ITV…

Adrian Chiles could quit The One Show over plans to give Chris Evans his Friday night slot‘ – quotations from Adrian Chiles: none; nameless inside sources at the BBC: at least five, but more are implied by the article; people linked to this possible change: 2 (Chris Evans and Vernon Kay); proper evidence on which a story should be based: none.

This story reminds me of the one the Daily Mail ran back in November, where they claimed Chris Moyles was facing the axe and the BBC had lined up Vernon Kay to replace him. Both stories required two writers and one of the them (Paul Revoir) also co-wrote the Moyles piece. He must be pretty proud of his journalistic output, which seems to consist of making up conversations with BBC ‘insiders’ who just happen to have enough time spare each day to spread rumours to tabloid hacks too lazy to do any real reporting. We cannot completely write off the Chris Moyles sacking though, because Paul was careful to be extremely vague about when Chris Moyles was to be sacked: ‘[his] reign over the airwaves could end next year’.

Two journalists worked on that article and the best timeframe they could provide for the disposal of Moyles was a window of an entire year. More top quality journalism from the UK’s best selling newspaper.

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