Trigger to be fired?

Judge Trigger is – according to the Daily Mail – facing the sack. Good. The man holds outstandingly ignorant views and has been using his position to get those views into the media. He doesn’t seem to understand anything about being professional and thinks it is OK to use his time in court to take out his own right-wing fantasy rants on those unfortunate enough to stand before him. Sad thing is, his ignorant rants are just the kind of ill-informed drivel you hear from Daily Mail’s writers and readers – and even on this site readers commented in support of him (and I’d assumed I was only preaching to wishy-washy liberals).

My previous article on Judge Ian Trigger attracted support and dissent and this comment from Joseph Strongarm I felt needed a response:

Why berate the Learned Gentleman for voicing what many people think, but are gagged from saying so for fear of being branded “racist” in their views.

I agree with Judge Trigger and wish we had more like him on the bench.

Well, his rants are not what I would associate with a ‘Learned Gentleman’ but more the inane ramblings of someone who only engages with reality through the pages of right-wing tabloids. As I did point out in the comments:

firstly, he is not paid to say what people think and secondly, what ‘people’ think is not a reflection of whether it is the truth.

If you actually believe that Asylum seekers / immigrants etc are given money, homes, cars etc and that they are partly to blame for the massive level of government debt then you seriously need to get better informed because you are a long way from reality.

Have you seen news that Asylum seekers are having their weekly allowance slashed from £40 odd quid to £30 odd quid?

Let me try to be clear on this: Judge Ian Trigger talks out of his arse when passing judgement by making massive sweeping statements about modern society. He is about as mentally hinged as a Melanie Phillips’ article.

The reason he is facing the sack is that he talks shite, but of course the Daily Mail spins it as if he has become a victim of New-Labour PC rules:

Oh I see, this modern hero who ‘dared’ to speak absolute bullshit about immigrants is actually a victim of the PC brigade, rather than being a victim of his own ignorance. The way the Daily Mail skewers each headline to illicit the immediate, moronic response of its readers is sickening, but not as sickening as the readers own desire to believe this shite. The comments on the article are largely supporting the judge as ‘saying what we all beleive’ etc, and that he should be knighted, not sacked.

I often try to engage in reasonable debate with Daily Mail readers because I like to think that anyone who has their eyes opened to the truth can change their wrongly held views, ideas or beliefs, but I’m beginning to despair. It seems like they don’t want to engage with the truth. A judge like Ian Trigger can talk some shit about immigrants causing the national debt with all the benefits that they pour into the coutnry for, and this is already such an accepted notion thanks to the tabloid press that he actually garners support for doing so.

We live in a society that has truth and fact so badly distorted by the tabloids that thousands of people will read the above headline and think: ‘this is outrageous! How can he face the sack for telling the truth?’.

Well it’s not the truth. It is not even close to the truth and I dare anyone to prove to me that the country is swamped by immigrants and that immigrants are drowning benefits. Go on, please, find me the evidence. Inform me how much an immigrant is entitled to, point me to the website / office that they can go to to jump the housing queue and get their complementary car. Show me the country village that is now 97% ethnic minorities. If you can’t find these things it’ll be because they only exist in the warped minds of those responsible for the tabloid press.

Judge Ian Trigger is not a victim of the PC brigade, he is guilty of being a racist, ignorant shit-head. That is his crime, and it is also his punishment.

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