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The story: ‘The curse of Fallujah: Women warned not to have babies because of rise in birth defects since U.S. assault‘.

The comment:

Here We Go, every evil PC liberal parasitic human rights lawyer in the UK will now be trawling Iraq and possibly Afghanistan looking for victims.

It’s my human right to say that because it’s true, they leech off others instead of earning a living productively.

Cases will be launched against the UK Government as they are more gullible than the US Government.

Pa Broon will apologise for the actions of the US and let the so called victims take as much as they want from the British tax payer, the evil Human rights parasitic lawyers will also dip in.

The lesson here is that the UK should never again get involved in a foreign land as we are not wanted, the people don’t want saving, they kill our troops then have the cheek to demand money.

For once, I agree with the Anti War Brigade, let’s withdraw from Afghanistan and protect our troops, to heck with the stone age people.

Let them kill each other, it’s in their nature, the Human Rights legals can then watch and bleat.

– Arkley Barnet, Back in the UK for now then back to NZ, 4/3/2010 10:10
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Surprise surprise, he seems to be an ex-pat, someone who is allowed to travel between countries and even live in another one. A privilege he doesn’t seem to want to grant to others. His views on human rights seem bang in line with the Daily Mail, and with the paper’s penchant for plagiarism I wouldn’t be surprised to see this comment tidied up and used as an editorial. There are many more reprehensible comments, but I don’t have the stomach to copy and paste anymore (particularly the numerous comments claiming that inbreeding is to blame). Why do ex-pats seem to be the worst offenders on almost every Mail article?

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