Women: Stop Bloody Whingeing

I’m always astonished that the Daily Mail is supposedly read by more women than men. The Daily Mail does employ a lot of female writers, but these writers seem to be employed solely to write the most misogynistic drivel from a female perspective. It’s why their articles always seem to weave this fact into the title, with prefixes like: ‘I’m a woman but…’ or suffixes: ‘something horrible about women… AND I’M A WOMAN!’. Today’s article is written by Sandra Parsons – who I don’t think I’ve ever written about, but it’s a beauty: ‘Whingeing women? now they ARE depressing!’.

It’s the kind of article that doesn’t need any discussion, it just needs to be copied and pasted so that your eyes can widen and your mouth open as you consider that she was paid to write this shit. She starts:

Rates of depression in women have doubled since the Seventies, according to a new study of mental health problems.

The women most at risk are those of childbearing age, and the researchers concluded this is because they are buckling under the strain of trying to cope with that old chestnut, ‘having it all’.

Now, I hate to sound unsisterly. But if I hear one more woman droning on about how hard life is for us today, I may have to set about her with my enormously bulky handbag…

Before taking the favourite Daily Mail editorial line on depression:

We all know people who suffer from genuine depression: it is a terrible, debilitating illness. But there is a huge difference between real depression and whingeing — and we confuse the two at our peril.

The world divides, in my experience, into whingers and troupers.

She picks out one ‘whinger’ in particular:

As for the divorced mother-of-two who writes anonymously for the website Mumsnet under the pseudonym ‘the Plankton’ and claims to have received thousands of sympathetic emails in response to her childish rants about her ‘lonely life at the bottom of the sexual food chain’ — stop acting like a petulant teen and grow up.

She even has some sisterly for ‘the Plankton’:

Try spending a bit of cash on some luxurious underwear or sexy shoes. It will make you feel better and may go some way to staunching the flood of self-pity that is clearly making men run a mile.

Ah yes, the solution to all womanly problems: treat yourself to some underwear and shoes and all will be right.

Meanwhile, in the same column – after she has produced two lists: Top Ten Whingers and Top Ten Troopers (or is it ‘troupers’ – she doesn’t seem to know), Sandra Parsons has a little aside:

One in ten mothers didn’t enjoy their summer holiday because they were just as busy with chores as they are at home.

I’m surprised it’s so low.

For several years we’ve gone to a chateau in France with friends, and I can confirm that the novelty of cooking for 12 soon palls.

Our first year there we thought we were staying in a hotel, but I arrived to find I would be expected to take my turn in cooking for a host of discerning French people (all of whom were cordon bleu standard).

It took me weeks to recover. But this year one of our number, Simon, turned out to be an enthusiastic (and brilliant) amateur chef who insisted on cooking every night. Don’t go on holiday without one!

So, Sandra, please clarify, are you a ‘whinger’ or a ‘trooper’?

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