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Everyday the mentally challenged log on to the Daily Mail website to be fed their daily diet of lies, misogyny, homophobia, racism, celebrity drivel, bikini and upskirt pics; so it is no surprise that the comments section on any given article contain comments that could only come from the kind of idiot that actually mistakes the Mail website for a news source, or the Daily Mail for a newspaper.

Today’s first idiot is RonH from York who comments on this story: ‘Evil of the loan sharks: This man charged £90,000 interest on a couple’s £500 loan (but he won’t go to jail)‘. His point is this:

Bear in mind that RonH has managed to switch on a PC and navigate to the Mail website and work the commenting system to ask this question. The clue, RonH, is in the term ‘loan shark’.  A loan shark is an unlicensed money lender, and because they are not licensed they operate outside of the law. This means that they don’t have to pay any attention to the Office of Fair Trading or any other government body. This is why most people go to banks for money and not some dodgy bloke with a few grand in cash and a baseball bat.

Next up is a special kind of idiot: the one that clearly hasn’t read or understood the story properly: ‘Refuse lorry had no reversing alarm when it crushed teenage girl‘. Claire callously points out that:

If you’d read the article you’d know that the young girl was crushed by a reversing lorry that had no warning sound. The girl had entered the driver’s blind-spot when he began reversing and the young girl was crushed. Perhaps the girl had noticed the lorry parked there and was expecting to hear the warning sounds should the driver engage reverse – I  imagine most young people have grown up in a world where lorries, mini-buses, buses etc have reversing alarms. It was a sad accident and council vehicles in Rhondda Cynon Taff have now been fitted with reversing alarms to lessen the chances of it happening again. It seems to me that the story had nothing to do with the girl’s ability to cross a road and it also seems to me that Claire hasn’t even read the article properly before making a smug comment about the girl’s inability to cross a road.

And finally a complete dickhead called gparker manages to cram insane amounts of stupidity into one comment on this column: ‘My womanifesto: With Gordon on holiday Harriet Harman has launched an anti-male blitzkrieg – but what would she really be like as PM?‘. Some context: this article is an attempt by David Thomas to imagine (the classic Littlejohn opening) that Harriet Harman was Prime Minister and then writes out a ‘zealously feminist manifeston’. This attack on Harriet Harman and feminism stems from a government initiative to reduce violence committed against women and young girls – including an attempt to educate young children about domestic violence and that it is wrong. Naturally the Daily mail response was to say: ‘Isn’t this terrible, NOW feminists want men to stop beating women! It’s PC GONE MAD’ (See Enemies of reason and Mailwatch). Anyway, in response to this hilarious piece of imaginative writing gparker writes the following:

Where to start? Firstly, the Equal Opportunities Board are probably quiet because what you have just read is FICTION. It is not actually real. Secondly, the Equal Opportunities Board – I imagine, apologies if this isn’t their position on this matter – probably agree that beating women is not a right that men have. This isn’t a feminist position, it is the position of any person that just happens to care – even remotely – about the well-being of others. gparker seems to be demanding that men fight harder to retain their ‘equality’; which in this case presumably means: ‘fight harder to retain the right to beat women in the privacy of your own home’. Lastly, I imagine this fictional scenario didn’t encompass Harriet Harman becoming Prime Minister of Britain and New Zealand, so I don’t think gparker would be affected anyway.

The Daily Mail: written by twats, read by twats.

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