Daily Mail readers sexually inadequate

It is something that might explain the mixture of partial nudity and anger on the Daily Mail website: ‘Seven minutes ‘is the optimum length for sex”. Currently the worst-rated comment on this article seems to reveal a lot about the sexual expectations of Mail readers:

Daily Mail readers not into long-lasting sex

Whilst the best-rated comment says just as much:

The Daily Mail idea of perfect sex

10 thoughts on “Daily Mail readers sexually inadequate”

  1. Poor tumblety. Straight from ‘hug and kiss’ to ‘orgasm’ – must be embarrassing when he meets his wife at the station.

  2. To be fair, I’d probably downrate Lisa’s comment for the same reason that I’d downrate a comment from a man who said that he doesn’t see the point in women whose breasts are smaller than a C-cup, or anyone who said they’d leave their partner if they lost their looks.

    Our tumblety, on the other hand, is a prat. No doubt his orgasm machine wife is dutifully cooking his dinner while he gets drunk with his mates.

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