How the Daily Mail covers the EU

They invent something that the EU is supposedly about to enforce on us: ‘EU to ban selling eggs by the dozen: Shopkeepers are told all food must be weighed and sold by the kilo‘. Then, when the EU respond to such inane and invented slurs and make it perfectly clear the Daily Mail is talking rubbish, the Daily Mail then claims that it was a ‘backlash’ that has led the EU to back down: ‘Eggs by the dozen will NOT be banned, say Brussels after backlash by Britain‘.

So, something which was never going to happen, now will not happen because of a ‘backlash’, rather than the fact that the original story was an invention that you’d have to be utterly brain-dead to fall for (step forward Ian Dale).

3 thoughts on “How the Daily Mail covers the EU”

  1. I hate how The Daily Mail only covers the EU when it can misrepresent what it’s doing to make up some sensationalist silliness. But I’m not sure it is any worse than, say, the BBC, who basically don’t cover the EU at all.

  2. Interesting that most of the “best rated” comments on the DM website are critical of the article, but I don’t suppose they take much notice of that.

    I think the DM revels in it’s notoriety and enjoys the fact that people like myself go and look at their website.

    It would be great if, as well as drawing attention to their nonsense, something could be done to use the massive database of lies that blogs like this have collected. Maybe by collating the information and presenting it in such a way as to start putting pressure for tighter press regs.

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