Daily Mail: Firmly aligned with the far-right

I first heard the news that seven HMRC employees had been sacked for racial discrimination via the BBC yesterday and I was curious to see how the Daily Mail covered the story. Not surprisingly they cover it in a way designed to invoke outrage against the ethnic minorities who were the victims of racism, rather than the seven employees sacked for being racist (a further two employees resigned immediately when the racism was discovered).

Basically the 7 employees were sacked for:

deliberately under-paying benefits to ethnic minorities… They are believed to have tampered with computer records to ensure ethnic minorities living across the UK did not receive the benefits they were entitled to.

The BBC give no further details about the victims other than that they lived in the UK and had now been fully reimbursed. I cannot find any details on the HMRC news site either, but the Daily Mail have added a detail that does not seem to exist elsewhere: ‘Racist taxmen who deliberately under-paid child benefits to non-nationals are sacked‘. Somehow, the Daily Mail have concluded that the ‘ethnic minorities’ living in the UK were actually ‘non-nationals’, which of course implies to the average Mail reader that they shouldn’t really be getting any benefits anyway. This allows the comments section to largely ignore the racism and focus on why we should not be paying benefits to ‘non-nationals’:

The Daily Mail is racistThe Daily Mail is racistThe Daily Mail is racistThe Daily Mail is racistThe Daily Mail is racist

I could carry on posting comments along the same lines, but you all get the point. Amazingly one comment above claims it is merely ‘PC gone mad!’ whilst the majority of them repeat the ‘non-national’ claim that has been made by the Daily Mail without a scrap of evidence; purely to invoke this response from readers. One reader really swallows the phrase whole and argues that ‘Non-nationals i.e. non UK citizens. Nothing to do with racism then’ which is an amazingly stupid argument, given that if we treat someone differently solely because they are from another country it is of course racism – it does not get more blatant.

I could not even find this story on the Mail website, I had instead to search for ‘HMRC’, then click ‘Most recent results’ just to find it, so firstly, the Mail tried to bury it. Then secondly, and utterly shamefully, they invent the ‘non-national’ angle to create outrage that these seven people have been sacked and outrage that we are paying child benefits to ‘non-nationals’ in the first place.

Never have the Daily Mail aligned themselves more clearly with the far-right, given that the BNP consider any ethnic minority to not be British, irrespective of how many generations they had lived in Britain for. Here the Daily Mail is concluding that ethnic minority is interchangeable with ‘non-national’ even though we have British nationals from every conceivable ethnic background happily living as British citizens all over the country.

The Daily Mail is racist. This needs to be repeated and never shouted down by idiots like Richard Littlejohn and Paul Dacre who still contest that the accusation of racism often aimed at the Daily Mail is merely a smear attack used by the ‘liberal elite’ to silence genuine concerns over issues.

No. you are called racist because the evidence clearly demonstrates that you are.

12 thoughts on “Daily Mail: Firmly aligned with the far-right”

  1. Yes, the Fail is racist, and it seems quite a lot of it’s readership are swallowing this racism without so much as a raised eyebrow.

    The Fail has a corrosive and toxic effect if read in large quantities, and should really come with a health warning. “This ‘news’paper will damage your community, your values and your human decency”

  2. “Raging Bull”‘s comment is a rare work of genius. He seems to be propounding zero tolerance for leaving the EU and “a justice system where the punishment fits the crime”. Or he’s too thick to understand what he’s written.

  3. Surely discriminating against someone for being a different nationality is not racism but xenophobia? If someone is French but white they are still white, right?

    A subtle difference that is totally irrelevant to your general point but something to consider.

    I guess the non-nationals in the Mail article could be considered as white Australians for example, whereas the people sacked from HMRC were racist in the sense that they were discriminating against people who could well be UK nationals but non-white.

  4. It really amazes me how black and white everything is for Daily Mail readers. It’s react, react, react everytime.

    They never stop to actually think about anything. But then I guess it’s difficult when you seem incapable of compassion, empathy and basic humanity for anyone other than yourselves and the small world you inhabit.

    I’ve decided to boycott the Mail now. I’d never pay for it anyway, but I’m certainly not generating any web traffic for them anymore. Their last overt racist story about white mothers was enough. They may as well come out in open support for the BNP since they’ve pretty much done it in every other way.

    There’s simply so much hate there now…

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