‘The perfect excuse for many gratuitous skinny-dipping scenes’

A lovely bif of hypocrisy from the Mail on this article: ‘You should have stayed in Emmerdale! Roxanne Pallett resorts to full frontal nudity in low-budget killer crocodile horror’. The Daily Mail suggest that:

The R-Rated made-for-TV-film sees killer crocodiles terrorise residents of a small community.

The premise apparently provided the script-writers with the perfect excuse for many gratuitous skinny-dipping scenes.

The premise that this is somehow news provides the Daily Mail with the perfect excuse for many gratuitous pictures of the skinny-dipping scenes – and as usual there are more pictures than text. Elsewhere on the Daily Mail website we have articles like: ‘The raunchy sex scene featuring a topless Helen Mirren that British film fans won’t see’, unless of course, they read the Daily Mail in which case they are treated to some screen grabs.

4 thoughts on “‘The perfect excuse for many gratuitous skinny-dipping scenes’”

  1. The News of the World published this ‘story’, with Roxanne Pallett’s nude scenes embedded as video, on its website on 5 September. It’s only taken the Mail website a month to catch up.

  2. I for one think it’s disgusting. I don’t pay my taxes so that some swarthy foreigner can get to see Dame Helen Mirren’s tits without us law-abiding British citizens getting to have a peek first. Back off, Brussels!

  3. MacGuffin – Yesterday’s News of the World carried the “news” again – complete with plenty of screencaps for people reading the dead tree edition.

    Surely they can’t be so short on news/nudes that they need to recycle a story from barely a month ago?

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