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Peter Hitchens is somehow paid for being a hateful little man. If one writer really embodies the backward, bigoted bitterness that is the Daily Mail then it is him. Staggeringly misogynistic, sneeringly homophobic and unflinchingly elitist his latest column argues that university is a place where people become ‘parasites’ and learn nothing whilst wasting taxpayers money. Peter is bitter because he ‘went to one and spent the whole time being a Trotsky­ist troublemaker at the taxpayers’ expense’, so he therefore projects his own inadequacies on every other graduate / undergraduate in the UK:

We seem to accept without question that it is a good thing that the young should go through this dubious experience. Worse, employers seem to have fallen completely for the idea that a university degree is essential – when it is often a handicap.

For many people, college is a corrupting, demoralising experience. They imagine they are independent when they are in fact parasites, living off their parents or off others and these days often doomed to return home with a sense of grievance and no job.

And it gets worse, because students get up to all sorts of puerile things like SEX and drinking alcohol, which non-graduates avoid presumably:

And they pass through the nasty, sordid rite of passage known as ‘Freshers’ Week’, in which they are encouraged to drink dangerous amounts of alcohol and to lose what’s left of their sexual inhibitions after the creepy sex educators have got at them at school.

‘Creepy sex educators’ in school? Why are so many Daily Mail writers utterly obsessed with sex and children? What is creepier, a Mail article about a ‘sexualised’ 10-year-old (complete with lots of photos) along with a discussion about why she is wearing a bra, or children receiving education about relationships in schools? He carries on:

And if they are being taught an arts subject, they will find that their courses are crammed with anti-Christian, anti-Western, anti-traditional material. Proper literature
is despised and ‘deconstructed’.

Our enviable national history is likewise questioned, though nothing good is put in its place. Even if they are study­ing something serious, their whole lives will be dominated by assumptions of political correctness, down to notices in the bars warning against ‘homophobia’ and other thought crimes.

Somehow Peter Hitchens claims to know what is taught in every single arts subject the length and breadth of the UK. Even though he went to one university. 30 years ago. Imagine the horrors of drinking in a university bar that doesn’t even condone homophobia – note the inverted commas around homophobia as if it isn’t real and this sentence isn’t an example of it.

So does Hitchens want all universities shut? No, he just wants them to return to the good old days:

time has come to close most of our universities and shrink the rest so they do what they are supposed to do – educating an elite in the best that has ever been written, thought and said, and undertaking real hard scientific research.

At least he is honest: he hates liberals, gays, women and the poor and just wants merry old England to return to the age of landed gentry and serfs. I know people will want to point out that Peter is merely being paid to be provocative, but I’d urge you to look at his output (and the arguments he sometimes gets into with commenters on his blog) and you will see that he really believes what he writes.

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  1. One thing that bothers me immensely about Hitchins (and I may be going against the grain with this viewpoint) is that although I detest almost everything he writes, I think he has an excelent command of the english language. I get so furious reading one of his articles (I feel like ripping the paper up) and I can’t help thinking: ‘What a waste of these words’. If he didn’t have such backward views he could be capable of wiritng some wonderful stuff.

  2. Ok this is what Peter Hitchens seems to want our universities to become:

    .A place where only the very rich “elite” can go. Because for poor people to go to university means taxpayers like Hitchens and Daily Mail readers need to pay for it.

    .A place where respect for your fellow human beings is thrown out of the window and replaced with bigotry, homophobia and general nastyness.

    .To be totally unquestioning of the status quo and to only ever teach “traditional” Christian style education.

  3. what an idiot! have you seen no sleep til brooklands brilliant piece on hitchens’ misogyny against single mums?

    ahh, all that sex and alcohol at university. it certainly left me feeling demoralised!

    and of course, we never studied shakespeare or blake or pope or swift or chaucer or ts eliot or austen or wordsworth on my english degree! we just studied anti christian tracts – like paradise lost!

    and we never studied ango saxon poetry…ahh, but would the DM count the saxons as immigrants?

    i am of course, joking. i studied all those things as well as much more. my years at university were ace, i loved learning and reading and exploring literature, and i left a happier and more confident woman than i was when i started.

  4. How the hell can stuff like this even be published in a ‘mainstream’ newspaper. It’s soul destroying enough to know people like him exist, but to think that people actually read this drivel, and perhaps even respect its authority, that’s enough to make you hate the world

  5. How come people get paid to write such rubbish as Hitchins article? Why should anyone take any notice of his views, or those of mad Mel come to that? Does anyone take notice of what they say? Does anyone care what they think about things? Why don’t we just pat them on the head, say ‘there there dear’, give them a cup of cocoa and guide them gently back to their chair in the corner.

  6. Because it’s well-known that the upper classes are not actually twits and are in fact the most intelligent of the species. And never get drunk and silly, nor join extremist political parties. No sir.

  7. It still amuses me his older brother is the quite renowned atheist Christopher Hitchens. Whilst I don’t agree with C. Hitchens on everything, and he’s certainly as forthright about issues as Peter, it’s a refreshing change to the usual repetitive rhetoric espoused by his brother in the MoS.

    Also, have a glance at the comment section under his columns to see what Hitchens land is like, it’s quite depressing. The readers can leave mini essays if they like and Hitchens himself can ‘debate’ his comments, often taking a dismissive attitude to anyone who dares use a ‘pseudonym’, defends the metric system, criticises religion or some other Hitchens fodder.

  8. Interestingly, Jane Moore (Sun hack) was on Marr’s show on Sunday. She said she’d just done a speaking tour of UK universities and she was very impressed of the quality of the students, the intelligence (was she comparing them with the Sun’s readership?), willingness to learn etc.
    But people will read Hitchen’s article and believe every word. That’s be the point of it clearly, so that any proposed cuts to university funding will be tolerated by the populace.

  9. There is a strange myopic distain for Peter Hitchens on this trail. Yes Gareth above asks for evidence against Hitchens and the critics go silent! In my opinion Peter Hitchens in the best journalist we have in the UK at present – fully deserving his Orwell award.
    Much of what he so gloomily predicts will come true over the next 10 – 20 years if his suggested remedies go unheeded

    Gary Weaver-Hughes

  10. @ Vercing Gettorix [Wonderful name by the way!]
    Very true. I was thinking the same thing myself, only yesterday. Well written miserable nastiness-what a waste.

    His brother exhibits a similar talent but he at least has demonstrated in his writings, wit intellectual courage and at times, generosity of spirit.

    Methinks their father gave them grief

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