As you may have noticed, it has been awfully quiet round here as late because I was working on another project: The Winterval Myth. It is finally complete. Essentially it is a fairly lengthy essay that explores how the Winterval myth started, what newspapers spread it and how. I hope it is a fairly interesting piece and it is available to download for free from a new blog I have set up. This blog will not be affected by the new blog, I will still post all my everyday media stuff to this blog and hopefully I will be updating more frequently now this project has been finished.

My second blog is called The Disinformed and attempts to tackle certain media issues in more depth than I attempt on this blog. View this blog as a stream of consciousness and my new blog as a place for more considered, reflective writing.

Anyway, do check out my first essay here.

3 thoughts on “Winterval”

  1. Thought the essay was excellent, seemed to be well researched and well written. You ask at the beginning for comments, so I thought I’d throw in mine:

    -personally, I’d keep the writing style academic. Somethings you slip into describing commentators using your personal opinion, and add in wry comments on say, the Daily Mail, but I think it’d be more succesful written in a neutral tone, and keep the more amusing jibes for the blog. (e.g. you can slag off RLJ endlessly – the guy is dreadful – but in this type of essay, it’s not the right place, plus, he is one of the most widely read commentators in the UK, as painful as that is).

    -although it sounded like a drag to dig through all that crap journalism, this has the potential to be the start of a series, I’m sure other bloggers would help take on other myths, and look especially at not only ‘how’ they develop, but try and tackle ‘why’ they develop too.

    -once the digs at commentators have been removed, deffo send it to Birmingham Council, perhaps all the newspapers involved, even media / journalism departments in Universities, i’m sure they’d be interested to see how blogging has developed into a properly researched resource to critique the mainstream press etc

    Anyway, that’s my $0.2. Keep up the good work!

  2. I thought it was an excellent work – well done! I would agree with what Lukeablancas has said though – and get a proof-reader!

    There are lots of little extra incidents which could be added to the ‘War on Christmas’ myth such as the primary school head who wanted to stop teaching time being spent on sorting pupils’ Xmas cards so asked them all to send ‘one card only to the whole class’ which was interpreted as a ban on Xmas cards done to not offend Muslims.

    But I guess you’re concentrating on the Winterval myth which is the Big Daddy of them all!

  3. Brilliant essay, and well researched and well structured and i agree with luceablancas that your essay should be sent to schools/universities to show them the difference between proper journalism and tabloid crap.And hopefully soon the myth will die if enough people know what was winterval the reason it was held and that it stopped in 1999.

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