BBC bashing, again

Today’s BBC bashing story: ‘BBC gives globe-trotting staff a lesson… on getting to work by BUS’

The reality:

The BBC is moving about 1,500 staff from London to Salforsd [sic] as it transfers its children’s and sports departments as well as Radio 5 Live and BBC Breakfast.

As part of its preparations bosses set up six sessions covering different aspects of getting to work, under the heading Transport to MediaCityUK Briefing Day.

The day includes talks on parking and cycle provision, the city’s Metrolink light rail service, help in how to buy tickets, information on bus services and individual journey planning sessions…

A BBC spokesman said it wanted staff to have ‘the most relevant and up-to-date information’ to plan their travel. He added that the guest speakers were not paid.

Paul Revoir must be so proud to put his name by this drivel (not to mention the obvious typos littering the article).

3 thoughts on “BBC bashing, again”

  1. This story infuriated me so much.Relocation packages are clearly beyond the ken of the Mail.The attempts by commentators to suggest this is a lesson in how to get a bus are as purile as they are unfunny.

    When the BBC is dismantled,as these people seem to want,will it become another thing from the good old days we have lost ?

  2. The other thing to take away from this is that it does refect to some extent the often London-centric nature of the national press. The Greater Manchester conurbation is certainly no provincial backwater; anyone relocating would probably appreciate a little background knowledge on how to get around the place.

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