A new low

It’s always a dilemma whether to publicise Richard Littlejohn’s attempts to enrage people through being purposefully offensive. The TV advert for Littlejohn and the Mail demonstrated that Richard likes to be thought of as a powerful, dangerous writer – the sound of gunshots as he hits each key on his laptop – but his columns demonstrate that he is a worthless coward prepared only to attack the most disenfranchised, isolated victims of society – be it women who worked as prostitutes, people killed in genocides or in the case of today’s column: victims of a devastating earthquake and tsunami.

Richard Littlejohn is not an intelligent writer, he is not a witty writer, he is not a powerful or philosophical writer. He will never win plaudits for being any good, so he therefore attempts to be the most offensive; he mistakes causing offence with being genuinely thought-provoking.

Today he wrote about the Japanese earthquake and Tsunami [istyosty.com link]. He started with the usual caveat:

No one with a shred of humanity can fail to be moved by some of the pictures coming out of Japan, whether an elderly woman being rescued from the rubble or frightened, bewildered schoolchildren waiting in vain for parents who will never return.

The devastation is on a biblical scale. Comparisons have been drawn with the dropping of the atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


It is wrong to visit the sins of previous generations on their modern descendants, although that doesn’t prevent the British Left constantly trying to make us feel guilty for centuries-old grievances, from the slave trade to the Irish potato famine.

But (or ‘yet’ for a nice change of pace from Richard):

Yet many surviving members of the Burma Star Association still harbour deep animosity to everyone and all things Japanese, 65 years after VJ Day.

They won’t want to be associated with the expressions of sympathy over the earthquake and tsunami. And who can blame them?

Like thousands of other British servicemen who were tortured in Japanese prisoner-of-war camps, my wife’s late grandfather, Harold Tuck, would never have joined a minute’s silence for Japan.

Until the day he died, Harold would refuse to remove his shirt, not even on the beach on the hottest day of the year. The scars inflicted by his sadistic Japanese captors were too horrible to be exposed to the harsh light of day.

Were he alive today, he would have remained doggedly in his seat if requested to stand in silent tribute to the dead of Japan.

The online version also features two pictures: one of the recent destruction and one of starving POWs. Nothing more needs to be said – or can be said in the face of such offensive bile – but I would like to point out to Richard the following:

  • Japan is home to 8,665,440 boys aged between 0-14
  • Japan is home to 8,212,680 girls aged between 0-14
  • Japan is home to 40,969,829 men aged between 15-64
  • Japan is home to 40,291,648 girls aged between 15-64
  • This means that 77.4% of Japan’s population were not even born until after the end of WWII

Perhaps what is even worse than this is that Richard Littlejohn uses his wife’s dead grandad as a vehicle for this column. He puts words into a dead man’s mouth, imagining that he is as cruel and incapable of empathy as he is. That – even for Littlejohn – is low, very low.

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  1. Littlejohn is doing what Littlejohn does – appealing to the considerable racist element of his readership whilst keeping his own hands clean. “Oh of course I’M not racist, but… here’s why it’s OK if you are”. Gee I guess you’re right Littlejohn, it’s hard to begrudge tortured prisoner-of-war veterans feeling bitter. And…?

    I can’t imagine what other point is supposed to be gleamed from his astonishingly banal and irrelevant observation.

  2. The usual small minded unpleasant nonsense from Littlejohn. I especially liked this bit “But why Japan and not, say, those massacred in Rwanda…” Now he cares about the dead in Rwanda? Hypocritical crap as usual.

  3. The weirdest part for me was this quote:

    “But why Japan and not, say, those massacred in Rwanda or starved to death by Mugabe in Zimbabwe? I don’t remember a minute’s silence for Haiti, although I may be mistaken. I’m sure we didn’t have a minute’s silence for our earthquake-hit Commonwealth cousins in Christchurch, New Zealand, before the Milan game. Maybe we did.”

    His argument seems to be, ‘I don’t remember any of the important facts, but hey, I’m going to make rant about them anyway.’

    For a man with a laptop and an internet connection (they have them in Florida, right?) he is bloody lazy.

    A moment’s checking and we find that footballers did put themselves out for Haiti:


    And the Christchurch earthquake was commemorated with a minutes silence by the rugby league and union world (NZ being more of a rugby country than football.) It’s all there online, just a click away.

    Lastly: If Littlecock wants to know what the Burma Star Assoc feels about the earthquake perhaps he should ask them, rather than putting words into their mouth?

  4. Generally I feel buoyed up that blogs like this exist to pull apart Littlejohn’s lazy, despicable crap, even though it means I get exposed to more Daily Mail than I would if I didn’t follow blogs that made me feel better by pulling it apart and heping me feel that the whole world isn’t Daily Mail land…

    But I think I’m taking a rest from it all for a while after this. I can’t be dealing with the fact Littlejohn can write these things, in this style, at this time, and get them published in a national newspaper. It’s the imagined little smile whereby all involved sit back and think ‘Provocative.’ ‘Controversial.’ ‘Liberal-baiting.’ Just vile.

    Right this moment now all I can feel is that Littlejohn is rich and therefore invulnerable to criticism; it’s only the suspicion that he has these opinions, to borrow Stewart Lee’s words, ‘to a deadline, for money’ that places him below Kenneth Tong in the ranks of noxious fuckwittery. (Or do I mean above? It’s hard to tell.)

    Please continue to do the work, but I’m out of it for a while. I’m afraid the bastard and all his readers are too much for me right now. I’ll be back getting angry soon, though.

  5. I am beginning to believe that the mail online and particularly LittleJohns articles are nothing more than high profile linkbait.

    That is, creating the most ridiculous and offensive articles, not in an effort to debate or discuss but merely to create the maximum level of controvery and outrage in order to generate the most activity (visitors / links) to the website and drive up advertising revenues.

    The mail online in particular is simply a traffic generating machine, it’s only purpose to ourage and disgust so many thousands of people that they have to visit the site to see for themselves.

    It has proved time and time and time again that it has no interest in accurate, factual, or balanced reporting of the news or in the welfare of the people it reports about.

    I don’t even view it as a newspaper / newsoutlet.

  6. I love your site, but I LOATHE your adverts… please don’t make me use adblock… make your ads less aggressive, and I’ll be cool.

  7. Littlejohn isn’t saying “I don’t know”, he’s saying “YOU don’t know, and I’m not going to tell you”. His readership fill in the gaps with their prejudices. It’s classic misinformation by omission

  8. Yup, a new low. Couldn’t agree more or have put it better myself. I followed the link to his column, and if you scroll to the bottom, the lazy, stereotyped bit RL has rattled off about EastEnders is also repulsive, albeit not quite in the same league as the piece on Japan.

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