Hypocrisy (again)

Sometimes you just need a screenshot to demonstrate how hypocritical the Daily Mail is:

Daily Mail Hypocrisy

So, the BBC is criticised for showing something that the Daily Mail takes great pleasure in raking over for the delight of morbid readers. As for the question ‘Can TV stoop any lower?’ I can only refer to the words of Charlie Brooker on this one:

if TV broadcast the kind of material you see in the press – if it paid women in lingerie to recount graphic celebrity fuck’n’tell stories, or shoved its cameras up the skirts of girls exiting taxis so viewers could wank to the sight of their knickers, or routinely broadcast grossly misleading and openly one-sided news reports designed to perpetuate fear and bigotry – if the box in the corner smeared that shit on its screen for 10 seconds a night, it’d generate a pile of complaints high enough to scrape the crust from the underside of Mars.


The Daily Mail is now leading with this story:

Hipocracy once again from the Daily Mail

3 thoughts on “Hypocrisy (again)”

  1. Imagine if you got mixed up and ended up jacking off whilst watching the dying old man!!!

  2. I don’t get the Mail’s content warnings at all. Someone dying peacefully needs to be marked “WARNING DISTRESSING CONTENT” but someone being abducted, murdered and stripped naked needs no such disclaimers? Why, it’s almost like the Mail’s trying to use psychological tricks to make the BBC’s documentary seem more shocking than it is!

  3. As much as this makes me feel like I need a shower a point has to be made that we fund the BBC and have to do so whether we approve of their content or not. If you don’t like what the Mail publishes you don’t buy it.

    As such the Mail can [shudder] legitimately claim that it’s only provided what its paying readers want.

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