Littlejohn on trusting ‘sources’

Richard Littlejohn – fresh from rescuing the rape debate last week – has now decided to discuss the perils of trusting unreliable sources of information. The problems with sites like Twitter, Richard argues, is that:

everything which appears on so-called social networking sites is either wrong or motivated by malice.

So I take any information I read on the internet with a malt shovel full of salt, unless it comes from a trusted source.

The man whose entire process of ‘research’ involves reading the Mail and browsing the Mail website is now supposedly concerned about the quality of his ‘sources’. It is worth remembering that this is the guy who trusts any dubious stories his readers email to him and once reported on a large set of babies with odd names that turned out to be Labrador puppies. Richard Littlejohn’s entire output is both wrong and motivated by malice.

He really doesn’t understand irony or hypocrisy. Still, the point of his column is that it isn’t fair that people on the Internet can say stuff when newspapers cannot:

Why should traditional newspapers be subject to gagging orders which can’t be enforced against global online sites?

During the height of the whingeing from the Mail over the gagging orders they published this article (by the Mail on Sunday Reporter no less) on Anthea Turner: ‘Crikey, Anthea! This Perfect Housewife lark looks hard work: Miss Turner sweats as she keeps £5m home – and herself – in good shape’ [ link]. This was an article based entirely around three long-lens photos taken over the fence of Anthea Turner’s property that reveal her putting some bins out and generally doing some stuff in her garden. The Mail has invaded someone’s privacy just to reveal that they perform the sort of mundane tasks that the rest of us have to.

The whole tabloid business model is built around this invasive drivel, yet the same newspapers argue that freedom of speech and publication is vital to a healthy press. An article on Anthea Turner doing stuff in her garden.

A whole article on Anthea Turner doing stuff in her garden.

And this isn’t the exception, it’s the norm. This is what our mainstream media has come to: a never-ending torrent of absolutely mindless drivel.

6 thoughts on “Littlejohn on trusting ‘sources’”

  1. Everything Little John Writes is either “wrong or motivated by malice”. He really does take the biscuit for pots calling kettles.

  2. Come on, that Anthea Turner article was fair game. “She later turned her attention to vacuuming and loading a van” – take that, WikiLeaks! And another photograph clearly shows she has breasts.

    That’s all worthy stuff.

  3. I think the right to privacy is so under-valued.

    I hear so much about the right to “freedom of expression” and “freedom of the press” – which are of course important – but we don’t hear as much about the value of privacy.

    Without a respect for our privacy and the privacy of others, just how valuable is our “freedom”?

    Besides, if I started following another individual to their house,peering through their windows, and waiting for them to open their front door so I can ask them questions about their last sexual encounter -I’d be classed as a stalker and arrested for harassment – but whenever the press do it they get paid for printing stories about it?

    Talk about one rule for us proles, eh? Seriously not fair, I’m telling you.


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