Just a quick point

The Daily Mail (and Peter Hitchens) do like to drivel on about the ‘thought police’ and how apparently no-one is safe from them. Today the Mail has posted this story online: ‘The ‘coconut’ hate crime investigation that shows NOBODY can escape Britain’s Thought Police’. And again, the story does not relate to what someone thought, but rather on what someone actually said out loud and was recorded saying. It wasn’t a personal thought, it was a public comment that happened to be recorded.

Can the Daily Mail and Peter Hitchens please try to understand the vast difference between thinking something and saying something out loud. It really shouldn’t be difficult to tell the two apart: the thought is not heard by anyone, whereas when something is said out loud people can hear it (if you look at the person speaking you would normally expect to see their lips move).

3 thoughts on “Just a quick point”

  1. Just as Hitchens gets confused by real life evidence, I suspect he gets confused by real life voices and the ones in his head telling him that he can’t be wrong.

  2. It’s not simply that Hitchens and co think that they should have a right to speak their minds – they seem to think they have a right for their words to carry some sort of wider societal and political influence – and confuse this absence of direct, instrumental influence over the political process with censorship.

    The possibility that their views are really only shared by a small number of people appears to be unpalatable to such firebrands.

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