1 in 25 adults buy the Daily Mail

And every single one of them should be ashamed of themselves:

Daily Mail Scum

This is a headline that is printed every other month by the Mail along with the Express, as if each time it is somehow shocking and new that children with different skin colours attend British schools. That national newspapers can regularly print stories that are essentially just pure racist outrage against primary school children is a disgrace.

If the out-and-out racism doesn’t offend you, then you might be interested in some examples of how these stories are rarely backed-up by the statistics they claim to be drawing on:

The Mail’s article kind of ends with something that is an ambivalently extreme example:

An extreme example

On the one hand the short article underneath demonstrates that the school is doing brilliantly and it’s actually on the surface a tale of racial harmony being achieved by young people who aren’t as bitter, blinkered and scared as your average Daily Mail reader. However, clearly this is an extreme example that hasn’t been chosen for this purpose, but rather as a great photo for readers to start frothing at the mouth to as they play their favourite ‘spot the white kid’ game. The headline figure says ‘1 in 5’ are ethnic minorities, the picture shows (as far as my eyesight can tell) that white kids are about 2 in 27 – and who knows, even the white ones could be ethnic minorities (This kind of highlights the stupidity of xenophobia and racism really. What is an ethnic minority? Is it a white Australian child in a class? Or is it the child born in Britain but who does not have pasty white skin?).

Who cares? They’re children, in school – innocent of every crime apart from looking slightly different to one another.

Then you scroll down to a seperate article tagged on to the main article:

Oh, I get it now.

I see, more ethnics means less places for white kids and white parents are left scrapping for their chosen schools. It all makes perfect sense now.

Then you scroll to the comments, and – knowing perfectly well what you will find – you click on ‘Best rated’:

Bloody Daily Mail readers

I just have to keep reminding myself that Daily Mail readers are just an unpleasant minority – and people who think Peter Hitchens is right about anything even more so.

12 thoughts on “1 in 25 adults buy the Daily Mail”

  1. If it makes you feel any better, most of the commenters absolutely fail at punctuating and capitalisation.

  2. So the two best rated comments are from a grown man who is afraid of primary school children and an immigrant complaining about immigrants – baseless fear in one and hypocrisy in the other, like the entire Mail worldview summed up in two posts.

  3. And the Mail’s headline should read ‘One in four… IS’, not ARE. Not the worst element of it by a long way, but still…

  4. Depressing in the extreme. This is just simply racist as you point out it boils down to skin colour and playing to prejudice. I would love to think that this shit could be slapped down hard by the PCC but then we remember that Dacre rules the roost and they are toothless and as the likes of Roy Greenslade keep telling us “self regulation works”. It doesn’t it has failed in the way the PCC fails.

    And in spite of the failure of the PCC to be robust the Mail would like less-regulation to spout more of this crap with even less chance of censure. We also know from bitter experience that if the Mail were censured we would be subjected to endless articles over bureaucrats, free-speech, attacks on the principles of historical English values and other hateful, self-serving nonsense.

  5. “Children with English as their primary language don’t stand a chance”. Why’s that then? More difficult to speak English if you have English as your main language? Teachers don’t teach in English any more? Newspapers, TV programmes, radio, all not in English any more?

    It’s children with parents like these commentators who are at a disadvantage I reckon.

  6. I applaud your anti Daily Mail stance. It is truly a patronising, insidious rag that dresses up its real messages with manipulative and pernicious garbage of the nastiest kind.

    I personally have made the subject of that rag one of my top targets since I started blogging in 2007. Believe me, I can’t stand the paper, and I get infuriated by the idiotic (and oft highly rated) comments on these piece.


    I do wish to venture a couple of comments that you may disagree with.

    Firstly, I do not think it can be said to be unreasonable for people to want societal cohesion, and that is best achieved through a multi-racial and largely assimilated populous. Please make a distinction between that view, and the Mail’s very dodgy race-specific angle.

    I think multiculturalism as a national meme and policy has been damaging for all peoples in Britain. It is not necessarily a bad thing for people to want ti identify and feel safe with people around them. Sadly what we have now is a society that exaggerates difference rather than common, friendly bond. That is, in my view, due to excessive immigration.

    I do not consider all immigration bad at all. I am half Greek-Cyp and wouldn’t be here if immigration laws were tough back in the day my granddad etc came over. It would be remiss of me to slam immigration per se!

    I think it possible to see a happy medium. It is arguable that things have gone too far one way for a while.

    I also disagree with the comment about Peter Hitchens. That is not really fair. I disagree with a lot of things of his. I am not religious, I don’t do the sexual morality line or the traditional conservatism on personal morals. I believe that laws should only exists that support the non aggression maxim – so drugs should not be illegal. I am a libertarian.

    But he does have great arguments for a wealth of topics, and even on the stuff I disagree with, he argues his point brilliantly.

    I’m not here to troll. I came by your site due to references on Twitter and on account of passing upon past articles you wrote.

    This is a good site and great for lively debate. Keep up the good work.

  7. ‘he does have great arguments for a wealth of topics, and even on the stuff I disagree with, he argues his point brilliantly.’

    He can string a decent sentence together, and he knows a few big words, but i’m afraid that’s it as far as his abilties go. Ask him for evidence to back up his nonsensical claims and you’ll see how ‘brilliant’ his arguments are.

  8. Is this really worth being so angry about?

    I noticed that the Guardian ran with the same story, and I believe that the figures are basically correct. Indeed, they’re not even that surprising given population differences in family size/fertility rates.

    Do you ever read ONS statistical bulletins? If this Daily Mail article wound you up, you’ll be apoplectic with rage when you discover that none other than the govt itself regularly complies and releases such figures.

    How dare they! The racist swine–after all, what *is* an ethnic minority?

    Perhaps this could be the topic of a future post: the out-and-out racism of the Office for National Statistics.

  9. Tough one. Dacre is an unmitigated piece of shit, while you are a pious hand-wringing twat. Neither of you seem tolerate views which conflict with your own. A draw.

  10. It may interest you to know that psychologists have learned that one of the best way to learn a lesson is to teach it to someone else.

    Given the standard of English being spoken and written by so many today perhaps getting them to teach the language properly to those who already know at least one other language, often more, and who speak the basics of English before they get to school will be a good way to teach British children how to speak their own language properly.

    Then we might not end up with the poor levels of literacy demonstrated by the Fail.

    Keep up the good work!

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