Over at Daily Mail online HQ is motivation to keep plugging away:

On and on

Bins, climate change and another editorial which just demonstrates that the Mail has given up even the slightest pretence of being a newspaper and instead is happy with direct propaganda:

As former Cabinet Secretary Lord Turnbull said this week in a truly withering critique, ministers and their officials have deliberately ignored the huge doubts surrounding climate change science.

Elevating one man’s ill-informed opinion as reason to doubt a very well established scientific consensus is just lunacy. So, I’ll follow the example of Bob Marley (just without the legacy of being a creative genius):

“The people who were trying to make this world worse are not taking the day off. Why should I?” – Bob Marley

A change of pace

So. It appears that I am back writing again, because here I am sat here at 20 to 1 in the morning tapping away at my keyboard. This is just a short blog post to let you know that this blog will be going in slightly different directions from now on because since writing this blog I have maintained a fairly consistent media-watch focus with the occasional bit of politics but I have encountered many topics that I wanted to take a bit further and now is the time to get some of that stuff down before my head fills up too much and starts leaking everywhere. I had considered starting another blog elsewhere, but really, this is my blog so this is where it will go.

Starting soon…

In the meantime, here are two short video clips to watch*:


* I get paid for each view these videos get. They have been put there primarily because it was such a short blog post and It’s late.

Ignorance is a tabloid’s best friend

Take someone mildly well-known, add in some uneducated comments about climate change being a big scam and you have the perfect article for a tabloid newspaper. Open up the comments section and you have the perfect chance to let readers claim that said article is just another example of how the truth about climate change as a tax-raising con is finally being uncovered.

It’s kind of fitting that the Daily Mail is playing such an active role in the destruction of the planet really, kind of sums up the newspaper.

Anyway, here is the headline: ”We must stop pandering to climate scaremongers’: Ex-Civil Service chief blasts ministers for global warming ‘evangelism”. The article then gives this idiot a soapbox before finding time at the end to point out that he might just be talking an absolute pile of shite:

Dr Bob Ward, a climate change policy expert at the London School of Economics, said Lord Turnbull’s paper was ‘riddled with basic scientific errors’.

‘He misunderstands the science and the nature of risk,’ he said. ‘No one denies that there is uncertainty in the future impacts of climate change. But because the impacts are potentially so huge and economically damaging, if we wait until we are sure it will be too late to do anything about it.’

A quick glance at the best rated comments:

Funny, even our badly educated population can see that this is a massive tax raising scam. Yet the politicos and people who live in Brighton think it’s all for real !…. Little by little the scam is being exposed.

– Dan away from la merde, Brittany, 9/6/2011 6:28
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Here, here! At last someone’s talking sense. The only reason I can see that governments follow all this climate change claptrap is that it’s another way of extracting huge taxes out of their already over-taxed citizens.

– Judith, King’s Lynn, England, 9/6/2011 6:28
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At last – a common sense realistic approach to combat the beliefs of the global warming alarmists. Global temperatures have been rising and some of the increase is caused by rising levels of CO2 but be realistic about the causes since there is a mountain of evidence about the role of the of the sun, cosmic rays, clouds and oceans in climate the change debate – man made CO2 represents less than 0.1% of the total. It seems that global warming is the new religion and anyone who questions the causes is deemed a heretic. Scientists and the sheep who jump on the global warming bandwagon and deliberately mislead the public should be ashamed of themselves In the Sixties we were told of a population explosion that would lead to global starvation then we were warned the world was running out of natural resources. When global temperatures began to dip in the Seventies many eminent scientists warned that we faced a new Ice Age.

– Stingray, Durham, 9/6/2011 6:40
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climate change is a bit like the emperers new clothes, everybody who can profit from the doom theories climbs on board and squeals like a little pig whenever anyone dares to disagree. The simple fact is that we are merely the fleas on the back of this planet , yes we need to pollute less and breed less but that is for own good , our planet can merely shrug its shoulders and destroy thousands of us whenever it wants . One volcano can pollute the atmoshere more than we can in years in just a few minutes . Put climate change where it belongs and get a grip on the moneymaking chaos these policies have become

– kayerunrig, lincoln, 9/6/2011 5:59
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Slowly but surely the truth is coming out. Man-made global warming is a political scam devised to once again confuse and prey on the fears of the ordinary person who havent been given all the facts. It was setup as a mechanism to allow the funding of a global government (through taxation of ‘carbon’ in wealthy countries). They needed to do this so that everyone believed we were all doomed unless we did something about it and (crucially) willingly allowed the government to implement the taxes. Once again, the government has deliberately mis-led the masses for its own benefit – this is treasonous. The fact is, several hundred years ago, it was hotter than it is now, yet we survived…. Amazing how people dont even see truth when its right in front of them. Its all a scam – wake up sheeple, WAKE UP!

– Alan, Geneva, 9/6/2011 5:55
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The voice in the wilderness but like all pariahs he is doomed to be ignored. The climate industry is as artificial as its arguments but it does make money and no scientist interested in a career and funding can afford to state anything that challenges the current charlatan orthodoxy so readily embraced by governments and their lickspittles. I have yet to read of any valid theory supported by evidence man has contributed to climate change. The chief difficulty being no one as yet can quantify a world temperature average with which to compare findings.

– robin, horsham UK, 9/6/2011 6:23
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This really isn’t helping my fragile state of mind.

A slight return

OK. So its been a while. I seem to sit thinking about writing quite a lot, but then the reality hits me that I have millions of things I want to get straight in my mind and onto this blog in a way that makes sense both to myself and to whomever might stumble across this blog on their Internet travels. Right now I just don’t have the energy to manage that, hence I have not actually managed to post even a simple blog post, until now.

Basically, I have read a lot of stuff lately and looked into quite a few things and I have come to the conclusion – and this is written in absolute seriousness – that humanity is on the brink of absolute catastrophe. Sadly, I have also come to the conclusion that very few people are either aware of this fact or care about it. Instead the vast majority of mankind (I exclude the billions starving in absolute poverty here – they are victims of this culture) are just happy to pretend that it’s business as usual as they scrabble with selfish abandon for a few of the last scraps that a depleted planet can cough up.

Peak oil, peak soil, global warming, mass deforestation, the almost global depletion of fresh water supplies and the almost complete annihilation of fish stocks and marine life in general is all driven by the only supposed solution to our current economic problems (which are all self-inflicted inventions because money isn’t real) is increased consumption (growth) – which simply means using more of the stuff that we are quickly running out of. It’s absolute madness, but few seem to care or even be aware of any of the massive problems that we are facing without solutions, without political will (or even a vague understanding), popular support or global collaboration.

So when I sit here and look at what the vast bulk of our media is churning out day-after-day I find it hard to put into words how angry it makes me. I just try to imagine what our children or grandchildren – if they manage to survive in the world that we are creating, and in some ways have already created – will think of us when they look back at what we did as humanity stood on the brink of collapse.

What will we tell them?

Will we tell them that we didn’t know, or that we knew but thought that somehow everything would be OK? Would we tell them it wasn’t our fault and that if TV hadn’t melted our minds with endless forensic crime dramas, celebrity-based drivel (‘Watch as we give 5 celebrities the chance to be traffic wardens for the day!’ ‘Tonight: 5 celebrities cook an egg – LIVE ON TV!’ etc), talent shows that are part freak show, part private record company auditions and all the other vacuous drivel that people sit through, hour-after-hour, day-after-day, year-after-year. Would we tell them that it wasn’t our fault because the media kept us in the dark? They said climate change wasn’t real. They said the oil wasn’t running out, they said all this world-being-destroyed stuff was just made up by a evil liberal elite that just wanted to tax you more. Oh how ignorant we will seem with our endless campaigns to bring back the weekly bin collection and scrap those nasty wheelie bins.

Why did we ignore the scientists, who tried to warn us?

Will we have to explain that back in our day scientists had become one of two things:

  1. evil, atheist liberals who were merely toeing a particular line in the pursuit of more funding or
  2. laughable ‘boffins’ who were regularly in the media for all the wacky and pointless things they got up to like inventing things that could boil the perfect egg or investigating the female orgasm.

Our dominant collective media is a sick joke that is reflected in the anti-science, anti-evidence agenda that is increasingly being pursued in parliament – embodied by MPs like Nadine Dorries who seem to believe that their own prejudices and ignorance are a perfectly sound base for government legislation. Instead, such ignorance – built up in the echo-chamber of media moral panic – leads to idiots like Reg Bailey being thought qualified to do something other than stand in the street handing out leaflets about Jesus and telling passers-by how they should repent before it’s too late. Our political agenda is dominated by morons and helped by an equally moronic press.

The truth is, if we carry on the way we are as a species things are not going to be OK. It is that simple.

We cannot blame the media for everything. Sure, they feed us a diet of lies, distortions and celebrity-based drivel. OK, they only ever editorialise about insignificant shit like how it was very nasty of Mr Giggs to try and stop them raking over his love life and how it’s about time we threw all the wheelie bins off a huge cliff and replaced them with our own personal dustman who we just threw our rubbish at.

But we’re the ones who lap it up. If we didn’t buy this shit, they wouldn’t print it. If we try and absolve ourselves of blame when our grand children start asking some searching questions about just what the hell you were doing when humanity was finishing the complete destruction of the planet by claiming we were too busy, how is that going to look? We were too busy to read up on the problems facing us and how we could take action to make a change, but we did have time to buy a newspaper detailing the lives of people we don’t even know? We were too busy to lift ourselves out of ignorance, but we did have time to watch those lovely celebrities on Strictly Come Dancing every week?

And yes, to any readers who happen to think that the planet is just fine and that we should all just carry on regardless la-la-la: yes, I agree, the planet will be just fine – whatever we do to it – but that doesn’t mean it will we still be around to enjoy it. There is a big difference between ‘destroying the planet’ and simply making it uninhabitable for 9 billion people.

Anyway. That is why I haven’t been posting lately. I’m too depressed. Too tired of wading through reams of insignificant bullshit printed by a media – a world in fact – that can only see as far as the bottom line.