6 thoughts on “The ‘Hollywood Left’”

  1. They missed out the part where the apes took all the jobs and built some ape-only-toilets paid for by the taxpayer.
    On another note, that persons review of the film in no way sounds politically correct at all. It’s theme sounds more like ‘elf and safety gorn mad to me.

  2. Of course the original film (of which this is a prequel) started with the same premise; that humans f**cked up the world – or rather, it ended (spoiler alert!) with the realisation that that was what happened. And the film starred that well-known bastion of political correctness (not!) Charlton Heston!

    The latest Apes movie is crap anyway.

  3. You’d think someone with that viewpoint would have been happy with the “Science = Evil, Scientists = Meddling in God’s work” message of the film. It takes a fair amount of work to skip by that theme.

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