OK, enough, this has to stop

The Daily Mail is still publishing stories about the BBC’s non-banning of AD/BC from ever more bizarre sources:


The ‘journalist’ behind this article is Simon Caldwell and if he doesn’t realise that this story is a complete lie, then he must be one of the most incompetent journalists around, or one of the most morally bankrupt. The article is just breathtakingly dishonest:

The Vatican has accused the BBC of an ‘act of enormous foolishness’ for dumping the terms BC and AD in case they cause offence to non-Christians.

The Roman Catholic Church also severely criticised the ‘senseless hypocrisy’ of Britain’s public service broadcaster for using a false respect for other religions to purge Christianity from Western culture.

Caldwell claims, despite the BBC issuing clarifying statements and the original Mail on Sunday admitting that each presenter was free to choose what terms to use, that:

The new guidance from the BBC asserts that the abbreviations for Before Christ and Anno Domini (the Year of the Lord) infringed its protocols on impartiality.

It instructs employees to instead replace them with the non-religious phrases BCE and BC – Before Common Era and Common Era.

No, the BBC have not issued any such instructions. Anybody with seconds in which to search Google knows this. Everyone who knows how the Daily Mail blusters and lies constantly to attack the BBC for the most inane reasons knows that any such story should be taken with a large pinch of salt.

How can articles like this be published? How can the Daily Mail exist in such a vacuum of truth? This story was an invention of the Mail on Sunday and it was immediately debunked – indeed people reading to the end of the Mail on Sunday article realised that is was invented because the Mail on Sunday admitted as much in the original article. Yet here we are, another myth has entered part of the national consciousness – the paranoid, ignorant and vocal minority of Daily Mail readers who our politicians feel it is so important to pander to.

I cannot clearly express how frustrated and angry I am becoming that shit like this can be published day after day when it is just a lie, a complete fucking lie. The BBC have never issued any order for presenters to abandon AD/BC and you only have to watch BBC programmes to realise that AD/BC is still used, frequently. It is beyond a joke now. People lap this bullshit up, believing it even though it seems laughable to anyone with half a brain how anyone could take this myth seriously.

We need proper press regulation because a loud minority have provided consistent evidence that they do not have the mental capacity to tell fact from fiction anymore and they must be saved from their own ignorance.

As for the Vatican: this is an organisation that can find the time to be outraged at the BBC because they are under the false impression that they are swapping one arbitrary term for another; whilst they are painstakingly attempting to cover-up years of systematic child abuse. I think they need to reassess their priorities.

13 thoughts on “OK, enough, this has to stop”

  1. Just waiting for the DM article proclaiming the BBC’s dramatic climb down following criticism from the Vatican and daily mail readers

  2. I get the feeling that you will find an article so clear in its blatant dishonesty that you will take action with the regulators, and when you find they take no action, seek higher council on the moral bankruptcy that appears to exist in the Mail ‘news’papers.

  3. Glad someone is calling them out on this bullshit… wish I had time to really blog about it. Libel case is taking up too much time though. Keep up the good work!

  4. I think it is worse this time because we know, 100% absolutely, for sure, entirely and completely that the story is bollocks. It has not had time to become myth (like winterval) so we just have people take a complete lie and print in the papers as truth infront of us with no sense of shame or embarresment.

    Thats why this whole thing is so entirely ridiculous.

  5. I think it must be wind-up by Simon Caldwell! Nobody could be that stupid….. or could he?!

  6. The vatican’s opinion on anything, fact or fiction is as irrelevant as Gary Glitter’s opinion on the same. Basically, fuck off back to your hole because you’re evil scum.

  7. It’s fucking exasperating. The BC/AD lie, the Amanda Knox “guilty” story, the Teresa May cat thing, the distortion about how the richest 10% are suffering the most in “austerity Britain” (yes, but the poorest 60% are suffering the next most), all against a background of Tory policies continuing to kill the economy stone dead… and yet David Cameron’s still getting high approval ratings. What the actual fuck?

    It’s not just this story that has to stop, it’s the whole corrupt, lying, horrific situation that the right wing is somehow getting away with.

  8. @KB: As I wrote over a week ago…

    “And the brilliant thing (as far as the Mail is concerned) is that the BBC is in a lose-lose situation here. If programmes stop using BC and AD then the paranoia of the Mail will be proved correct. If, however, (as seems far more likely) a mixture of the two systems continue to be used as it has been for several years, then the Mail will be able to point out every use of BC and AD as a triumph for its campaign.”


  9. Good of them to let us know who the guy in the picture is though…….we are sure that Chris Morris isn’t behind the whole thing aren’t we…?

  10. Amid the tedium of the Daily Mail yet again writing an article about this, two things intrigue me.

    1) “The new guidance from the BBC asserts that the abbreviations (…) infringed its protocols on impartiality.”

    Hang on, I thought we’d been told time and again this was about not offending others? but now all of a sudden it’s about the BBC’s impartiality?

    2) Even if the BBC had genuinely decided to drop the use of BC/AD, how exactly does that amount to ‘hypocrisy’? Or has that word lost its orginal meaning and is now used to randomly describe anything the Daily Mail doesn’t like, like liberal or Marxixt?

  11. couldn’t agree more mate, it’s got to stop and it’s got to stop now.

    regulation is the key now, for the media, for financial services, for the lot. but with the tories in? no chance. they let the momentum go after the banking crisis and the same with the notw phone-hacking, in order to allow them to avoid regulating and punishing their friends.


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