Twitter’s new moral arbiter: Kelvin MacKenzie

Twitter uses are set to be monitored in 2012 after ex-Sun Editor Kelvin ‘The Truth’ MacKenzie appointed himself as Twitter’s moral arbiter:

Kevin Spacey, the talented and charming actor-manager, has stopped tweeting because of the avalanche of online abuse he was receiving.

The vileness of these internet thugs is beyond belief.

If the stuff written on Twitter was said on the streets, the police would arrest those responsible in their hundreds.

Of course, it would be difficult to trace these disgusting cowards because they hide behind anonymity.

But can I suggest the police start doing so? The language used is disgusting and the threats are ferocious.

From the New Year, I am going to start monitoring Twitter and will report back to you.

Yes, you read that correctly. Kelvin MacKenzie, who once edited the Sun and was responsible for the front page lies about Hillsborough – never apologising either – is now set to monitor ‘disgusting cowards’ on Twitter. Well, I guess it takes one to spot one.

I guess the correct response to this is to set up a hashtag and ensure that MacKenzie knows exactly what the general public thinks of him. Now is your chance, he will be watching.

3 thoughts on “Twitter’s new moral arbiter: Kelvin MacKenzie”

  1. Another moron delighting in the censoring of free speech? I suppose lies and slander are OK as long as you publish them in a newspaper and make millions of pounds from doing so. I for one will be the first to call Kelvin a shit licking cock-hole (and I’ll do it for free).

  2. Last week Kelvin suggested that police could use lip-readers to identify people making racist remarks on CCTV footage. He didn’t however say how police forces would be able to fund such a move st a time when forces up and down the country are getting rid of staff because of budget cuts.

  3. He is right about the disgusting language, some people show no distinction between nouns & verbs, possessive apostrophes are scattered willy-nilly throught tweets & they often have the most appalling spelling!

    As for MacKenzie monitering what we tweet; well that lying cunt can go fuck himself!
    Cheeky bastard!

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