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Sometimes you read a comment on the Daily Mail website and you just cringe at just how mind-shatteringly stupid it is. What is worse is that the comment is normally rated green as well, because other Mail readers have decided: ‘you know what, he’s right you know!’. Today’s utterly moronic comment comes from John, England and has already attracted 26 positive ratings. The comment is under an article with some nice pictures of a WW2 fighter plane that crashed into the sea just off the coast of Wales:

These incredible pictures show how the previously undetected Lightning suddenly appeared on a Wales beach in 2007. Shifting water displaced sand which had hidden it for 60 years and revealed a gem find for aviation buffs.*

OK, so shifting sands have revealed the plane, got it. John on the other hand thinks this is more evidence that Global Warming is a myth:


Sometimes you just have to laugh at comments like this, otherwise you’d just collapse in a state of existential despair.

* Interesting that this was over 3 years ago, and surely it should read ‘Welsh beach’…

A slight overreaction?

The Liberal Democrat commitment to not just renewing Trident without any consideration as to whether it is still relevant in today’s world has received quite a lot of attention from the tabloids. This isn’t really surprising considering that tabloids exist to spread fear and it seems from my conversations with people that a lot of people do think we still need a nuclear deterrent. However, one of the arguments for not renewing Trident is that it has no tactical function in dealing with terrorism, and can play no part in the extended wars in Afghanistan or Iraq. However, a Daily Mail reader thinks that Trident can be useful when dealing with car-bombers. I spotted this comment under the article: ‘New York bomb investigators hunt for balding, middle-aged white man‘:


So there you have it, a white, balding and middle-aged man leaves a homemade bomb in a car in New York which fails to go off and Robert McKenna believes this is a reason not to scrap Trident. I’ve seen some pretty dumb arguments wheeled out in defence of Trident, but this really is the most stupid. How would Trident have helped in this situation? Unless he is suggesting a tactical nuclear strike aimed at Times Square would have helped?

Ignoring the evidence on immigration, part 2

A while back I wrote about the destitute Gurkhas who moved to the UK expecting help and support but actually found out that they were not entitled to benefits, housing and so forth. I argued that as the story was in the Daily Mail it should demonstrate to Mail readers that the idea that immigrants get force-fed money, gifted free cars and a lovely 6 bedroom house is a complete myth. If even Gurkhas don’t get anything, then what are the chances of unpopular migrants getting more than them? However, Mail readers of course just whinged on in the comments about how unfair that other immigrants and asylum seekers got all this free stuff and the Gurkhas didn’t.

Without any suggestion that they even considered the possibility that they had swallowed a tabloid myth whole, and that Gurkhas were just receiving exactly the same benefits and other migrants receive when they enter the UK: bugger all.

Today the Daily Mail has printed another story about people coming to the UK and not receiving benefits, only this time it is a returning British citizen:

A British grandmother who returned home destitute after living in Spain for 23 years has complained after being barred from claiming benefits.

Lorraine Marsland, 52, says officials are classing her alongside asylum seekers even though she was born here and holds a British passport.

Since arriving in Britain in January with her grandson Dylan, she has been denied housing benefit, child benefit, and Jobseeker’s Allowance.

Naturally, rather than see this as yet further evidence that Britain is not a soft touch when it comes to dishing out benefits, Mail readers see it as yet further evidence that is she only was a proper asylum seeker she’d be getting it all:

But if she was Eastern European or any other EU national apart from British, she would be getting benefits.

– Karen, London, 23/4/2010 16:35 Click to rate Rating 2257

She should have said she came from Timbuctoo and didn’t speak any English, they would have been falling over backwards to help her.

– Pat Sweeney, Lanark, Scotland, 23/4/2010 16:35 Click to rate Rating 2159

Those are currently the two highest rated comments, but all is not lost as other highly-rated comments include:

You haven’t lived here for twenty three years so why should we the tax payers have to support you?

– M.A., B’ham, England, 23/4/2010 16:37 Click to rate Rating 1793

‘I looked up the law they quoted and it included asylum seekers. I was just stunned. I’m a British citizen, I’ve got a British passport, I’ve paid taxes.

So, you moved from the UK to Spain and have lived there for most of your life. All was well until you lost your job and money. Then you decided to come back to the UK and let the taxpayers pay for the rent on your council/housing association home, council tax, and benefits on top. OF COURSE YOU SHOULD BE TREATED LIKE AN ASYLUM SEEKER, YOU HAVENT PAID ANYTHING INTO THE SYSTEM OVER HERE, MAYBE YOU SHOULD HAVE STAYED IN SPAIN!

– Rudi Mentry, Right here – Right now!!, 23/4/2010 16:34 Click to rate Rating 1544

And even more encouraging is the comment with the highest negative rating:

I find this story absolutely unbelievable! This woman holds a British passport and is british born and bred.

Lorraine…My advise to you is to claim asylum and they will give you anything you want….Home, car, furniture and money, just like they do with all the other asylum seekers that land in the UK. If you can’t beat them then join them!

I wish you the best of British!

– Trish, Sydney, Australia, 23/4/2010 16:16 Click to rate Rating 88

This is interesting because of course this is exactly what the Daily Mail is implying with this article; they spend a huge amount of their time feeding the myth that all asylum seekers and immigrants are getting everything they desire, but look who isn’t: British People. It’s all the fault of the PC-Brigade and the human rights brigade that only guarantee the rights of filthy foreigners and is set up to ATTACK DECENT TAXPAYING WHITE PEOPLE.

Yet here, the person swallowing this giant turd whole is negatively rated. I take just a smidgen of hope from that. Perhaps the constant attacks on the Liberal Democrats have made people sit up and take notice of the fact that the Daily Mail has an agenda and will print any old rubbish to push that agenda.

You Cannot Convince Everyone

Possibly the most humourous part of David Cameron’s TV appearance in the Leaders Debate was his ‘I met a black man in Plymouth’ story, where he claimed that a 40-year-old man had in fact served with the navy for 30 years – making him 10 when he joined. However, it gets worse, even the Daily Mail are running the real story of this man, who is a bit upset and perplexed about David Cameron putting words into his mouth:

‘He said I spent 30 years in the Navy. I was actually in for six years, as a marine engineer serving on HMS Intrepid and HMS Berwick.’

‘At least he took 10 years off my age.’

Still, not everyone is convinced David Cameron did mess up, take this Mail commenter for example:

Sounds like a Labour set up. He probable did say those things to David Cameron so that when he was quoted he could claim Cameron lied. Typical underhanded Labour tactic.

– David, London UK, 18/4/2010 14:11
Click to rate Rating 26

And at least 26 people agree with him.

Hayley From Manchester Incurs Wrath of Chile

Every now and again a comment on the Mail website manages to stand out amongst the unpleasantness to be mind-numbingly inhumane, step forward Hayley from Manchester on the news that Chile has suffered an earthquake of 8.8 magnitude:

Another country that’s going to be begging for our money and resources? Fantastic.
– Hayley, Manchester, 27/2/2010 09:12

And after she attracted a series of red arrows and angry responses from Chileans she responded with:

For all of you you red arrowing me, I am not going to apologise and stand by what I said. Why should we help countries that have done nothing for us. Their problem, let them sort it out.

– Hayley, Manchester, 27/2/2010 13:15

Makes you proud to be British.

Hat-tip to Tom_MKUK from the Mailwatch forums for spotting this.

The inevitable result of believing the lies of the tabloid press

All thanks to tabloid lies
This is currently the highest rated comment under an article on the BNP on the Daily Mail website. You’ll immediately recognise lies from the Daily Express, Daily Mail and others in his post. Support for the BNP is the inevitable result of concerted tabloid lies about Muslims and immigrants in general.


The article on the Daily Mail website is: ‘Thank you for being so stupid’: BNP leader Nick Griffin hails BBC for boost to his party. The lies that the commenter is referring to are as follows:

1, Fairness (to the immigrant) – refers to the notion that Immigrants get massive handouts and social housing whilst the ‘white indigenious’ population are left with nothing. See here for how the Daily Mail only report the myth about social housing and not the facts.

2, Justice (no thanks we just want Shariah Law) – this refers to the frankly disgusting Daily Express headline that stated ALL Muslims want Shariah Law to be adopted in the UK. The truth is that a few frothing loonies want such a thing to happen, which is entirely insignificant to the general Muslim population. See TabloidWatch and The Enemies of reason for more on this.

3, equality (you will shut your schools…) refers to an article in the Daily Mail (amongst others) this week about schools being shut for certain religious holidays. As Tabloidwatch points out: a, this has been happening since the 80s, so it is hardly news; b, it is under review due to criticism and c, it is only by 3 councils – so not really something being imposed on the whole of the education system as the Mail would want you to believe.

The point I have been trying to make recently is that the Daily Mail and other tabloids can write all the bitchy articles they want about how terrible the BNP are, but they cannot escape they fact their reporting is inherently racist. The tabloid agenda is designed to spread fear of minorities and it does this through perpetuating the same old myths all of the time.

For the tabloid press to then turn around and blame other myths – mass immigration, open borders, putting immigrants ahead of the indigenous population – for the rise of the BNP is not acceptable. A BBC article today spoke to people in London – including a BNP Councillor Bob Bailey – about their views of the BNP and those who supported the BNP churned out tabloid myths as reasons for supporting the BNP. Take June, a middle-aged woman:

“Good luck to Nick,” says June. “I voted for the BNP because England is ruined, completely. They’ve let too many immigrants in. Full stop. Their housing comes before ours, before the English people. This area has changed for the worse, I think it’s a terrible area because there are too many foreigners, sorry about that, but it’s my opinion.”

The housing myth has been put to bed by a lengthy report, the Mail simply failed to report this and instead still peddles the myth every chance it gets. I’m not sure who is really to blame, the tabloids for reporting myths, or a percentage of the public for being too stupid, bigoted or ignorant to see through them?

Never mind that he’s dead, he was GAY for god’s sake

Daily Mail comments, always a hotbed for homophobia no matter what the circumstances, have today really excelled in tastelessly pointing out that gays cannot possibly marry: ‘Revealed: The lonely life of Matt Lucas’s ex-husband who killed himself because he never got over their divorce‘. Of course, Mail readers want to offer their sympathies, but at the same time they want to point out the horror that a gay can be referred to as a husband:

I do wish all these utter shit-stains would at least be honest and cut out the ‘I don’t mean to offend anyone…’ disclaimers and just get on with the offensive comment. Credit where it is due though, at least the comments are all highly in the red.

Shameful Racism

As soon as I saw this headline I just knew a few racists would not be able to resist posting some predictably horrific comments, and I wasn’t to be disappointed: ‘It’s open season on those pesky parakeets: Exotic little immigrant birds can be shot without a licence under new regulations‘. The Daily Mail must be very proud of itself to be just one word away from the line ‘immigrants can be shot without a licence under new regulations’. The use of the word ‘immigrant’ seems very calculated, normally when birds are discussed they have ‘migrated’ or some other less politically and racially loaded term, but of course the Daily Mail is trying to use loaded language to get a response from readers. The Mail commenters clearly pick up the theme of ‘so, we can shoot immigrant birds for destroying ‘indigenous’ populations, but not bloody immigrant human beings, it’s PC gone mad!’:

Racist scum buy the Daily Mail  for a reason

The first commenter doesn’t leave their name, but does find room to state that they are ‘up to their neck in Brown’, which seems to mean he is swamped by people with brown skin, a shameful comment and no wonder the coward didn’t leave a name. Janet uses the magic but to claim that she isn’t racist at all, she just wants to point out that ‘we shoot birds that ravage the local indigenous species, I firmly believe that immigrants are destroying the indigenous population of Britain, ergo, why the hell can’t we shoot immigrants?’ Of course, she is racist because she believes all the shit she reads in the Daily Mail without stopping to look around her and seeing that in reality the social fabric of Britain is not actually being torn apart by immigrants, and that the ‘indigenous’ population is far from dying out or even being outnumbered – not by a long, long way.

And finally we have someone who I presume is an ex-pat (why else would they leave a comment like this?) who without any sense of irony all but calls for the shooting of immigrants in Britain… whilst he himself is an immigrant in South Africa. Roger is the sort of person that probably used the logic that ‘the UK is so full of bloody foreigners I’m going to emigrate… to live in a foreign country… full of foreigners’.

Of course the most shameful thing about these three racist comments is that they appear next to each other because they are currently the three top-rated comments underneath the article – which, I think, tells you everything you need to know abot the type of person that reads the Daily Mail website.

Free to comment, let’s all say the same

The Daily Mail website has stopped moderating comments on certain articles which has many outcomes: it has scared advertisers; increased debate and dissent but most of all it has shown Mail readers to be even more stupid and one-dimensional that first thought. Take an article from the Mail’s Science and Tech section for example: Astronomers snap most distant black hole in universe, which is 1bn times bigger than the Sun. The comments on this article are largely utterly predictable:

Wow……is it a bigger hole than the one in Labour’s finances ? Frightening stuff; the stuff of nightmares……….No, not the Black Hole……Labour’s continual inability to balance the accounts.- Jim, Norwich England, 2/9/2009 18:45
Click to rate Rating 6

That is positively amazing – the light from this Black Hole has traveled for most of the universe’s 13.7billion-year lifespan to reach us – just in time for next years General Election. Pack yer bags liebour, yer on the next flight! That includes you Harperson!

– GB, London, 2/9/2009 19:20
Click to rate Rating 7

I wish this government would get sucked into it along with brussels.

– C.A. Hodson, Grimsby England, 2/9/2009 20:48
Click to rate Rating 21

And brevity means I will not copy and paste the others almost exactly the same and just as ‘hilarious’ and original as these. You then get the ‘I know better than bloody so-called scientists’ comments:


Yet also another phenomenon that seems to dispute the big bang theory. But that is merely glossed over by the scientists as “surprising”. Some day they are going to be forced to have a rethink about this “Big Bang” theory.- Chris Cooke, Tamworth, UK, 2/9/2009 20:36
Click to rate Rating 1

The biggest black hole found so far is 18 billion solar masses. Sufficient smaller black holes are not going to merge to have formed it in the age of the universe. If you have a black hole in the centre of a galaxy, any outside black hole coming in is going to wreck that galaxy. Time to look for another theory- Jim Diamond, Cambridge UK, 2/9/2009 18:40
Click to rate Rating 6

You also get the obligatory WTF? comments:

Is that a deep look?

I could never be courageous enough to visit the universe just in case I came across one of those and moved left and right! Brrr… I’d freak-out and die!- Sabina Newson, Surrey, England, 2/9/2009 18:25
Click to rate Rating 11

The ‘this’ll be another reason to tax us’ comments (and bash global warming at same time):

No doubt caused by man made C02 emissions… Carbon hole tax coming soon.- English Cad, Cad Towers Canterbury, 2/9/2009 18:20
Click to rate Rating 11

liebour said because of it’s size it’s in the z tax band.
If it refuses to pay it will get an asbo.

– bonnythescouser, liverpool, 2/9/2009 18:14
Click to rate Rating 5

And finally, you get an occasional dissenting comment that somehow makes it all worthwhile:

But does it cure or cause cancer? According to the Mail almost everything else does. I think we should be told.- Chris K, Warwick, 2/9/2009 20:47
Click to rate Rating 21

And it is even rated positively. On this article there are 18 comments in total 9 have a dig at the government / economy / taxes. That’s 50% and I wouldn’t be surprised to find a similar percentage on just about any article no matter what the topic. As a commenter points out:

do i have to listen to labour being mentioned in every single story on this website. apparently you can’t even go 12.8billion light-years to get away from it .- sarah, fife, 2/9/2009 22:49
Click to rate Rating (0)

Quite. It’s really rather boring and predictable – I really wonder at the mentality of people who can get pleasure from reading the inane, irrelevant and deeply unfunny digs about ‘nu-liebour’ that make up the vast proportion of comments on the Daily Mail website.

Cock of the day

People commenting on the Daily Mail website often show that they cannot read anything other than the headline, regardless of how short the article is. Today’s moron is N Cockburn, Falkirk and he is really putting the Cock into Cockburn. The article is a light-hearted, feel-good story about a fisherman that rescued some ducklings: ‘The fisherman’s tale that saw eight lucky ducklings saved from certain death‘. The story is told by the pond-owner who states that:

Mr Pady, of Colyford, said: ‘We had an urgent call from the fisherman to say the ducklings were in trouble.
‘They were caught in a drain which is the pond’s outflow – the mother duck was clearly upset, calling down the pipe.

‘The fisherman could hear them making a noise at the bottom so we lowered a ladle to see if they would get in, but they wouldn’t.

‘We couldn’t think how else to get them out, but the fisherman put a piece of bread on a barb-less hook and lowered it and after a while he caught one of the ducklings.

‘It was all downy fluff, so it didn’t do the duckling any harm – and he was able to reel it up the pipe. Then he carried on for another two and a half hours taking the ducklings out one by one until he’d got all eight.’

‘I said he’d be in line for an RSPB award for rescuing the birds but I don’t know his name and he has yet to come back.’

As for the offending pipe: ‘We’ve put a grill shelf from a fridge over it now – the old one had disintegrated,’ said Mr Pady. ‘It was one of those jobs you keep meaning to get around to, but don’t.’

So, the person being interviewed is quite clearly – as stated at the very start of the article – Mr Pady. The fisherman was clearly a second person who did not give his name to Mr Pady. All seems pretty clear to anyone who could get through the first couple of paragraphs, but not N Cockburn:

He seems to have read the whole article because he refers to the confession from the pond owner in the last line, but he has managed to have a nice little rant with SHOUTING whilst being entirely wrong in every way. Congratulations N Cockburn: you are Cock of the Day.