Odd comments on standard Mail Hitler article

The Daily Mail likes stories about Hitler and even after over 60 years of revelations regarding the dead dictator it always seems like their is fresh information to raise the interest of the newspaper that quite like fascism back in the day (and, arguably, still does). The story is of no consequence but the moderated comments are interesting in what comments are positively rated and which negatively:

How can it be that a comment stating that the reader dislikes Nazis and thought that what they did was bad get 22 negative ratings? How can comments suggesting that the history we are taught regarding Nazi Germany and Hitler is wrong, attract 251 and 98 positive ratings?

The Daily Mail obsession with Nazis

This month so far:

  1. ‘Karen Gillan has a Steve McQueen moment fleeing the Nazis on the set of Doctor Who’
  2. ‘The ‘perfect, pitiless, Nazi’: German soldiers’ confessions reveal how troops driven by bloodlust killed innocent civilians for fun’
  3. ‘Hitler sent German U-boat carrying secret agents to terrorise New York during World War Two (but it got wedged off Long Island)’
  4. ‘Revealed: The sketches of Hitler’s official artist who erased his name from files in shame after WWII’
  5. ‘Nazi death camp guard who died before answering charges of killing 430,000 Jews ‘may have been assassinated”
  6. ‘Killer sausages: How the Nazis plotted to fight back after losing the war’

A quick search of the Mail website for the word ‘Nazi’ returns 1399 results. From what I can discover the Daily Mail website was not launched until early 2004, 59 years after the end of World War II. This means the website has averaged around 200 articles per year on the Nazis.

Just pointing this out as I seem to be seeing even more articles on the Nazis recently than is usual.

Daily Mail celebrates original WAG Eva Braun

A couple of blogs covered the Daily Mail’s decision yesterday to change the layout of its website for the terribly important news that they had found a photo of Eva Braun – the ultimate WAG, you know she was married to that Hitler chap that the Daily Mail has a curious obsession with – with a blacked-up face. Today the Daily Mail has repeated the full width format on its website because Japan has suffered a destructive earthquake and Tsunami, putting into context the kind of major you-must-know-about-this news stories that such space is normally reserved for. So it appears that the Daily Mail thinks that a photo of dead women with blacked-up face is just as important in news terms as a national natural disaster.

As usual, things get even worse when you see what they have covered with a full double-page spread in today’s print edition:

The original WAG
Click to enlarge

Just imagine how many packets of tissues the Daily Mail office got through today. The ultimate, original WAG, a genuine NAZI pictured nude and in lovely two-piece swimming costumes. The Daily Mail should cease publishing immediately because they can never top this (unless it turns out Hitler and Eva Braun made a few home videos…).