Allison Pearson has no brain

I really am starting to think that to be a Daily Mail columnist you have to have an almost complete lobotomy. During the procedure almost your entire brain is removed leaving just the ability to stab your fingers at a keyboard and generate the ‘outrage’ emotion that blindly fuels any argument you’re putting forward. Today’s ‘I’m so stupid I’ve had my brain removed and so write for a tabloid newspaper’ moment is from Allison Pearson, who I don’t recall writing about before. Her main piece is on Munir Hussain, the man convicted for attacking a man who broke into his house with a couple of others and held him and his family hostage. Eventually Munir Hussain was able to escape and chase one of the attackers out of his house. So as far as this goes you can probably imagine the foaming mouths of Daily Mail readers: man defends home, man is imprisoned for it.

It gets better. The fleeing attacker that Munir Hussain caught actually gets away without being sent to prison. It is, as I’m sure every Mail reader would agree: PC gone mad.

Allison Pearson certainly thinks so:

Last year, the Government introduced a Bill that was supposed to protect people who fought back against burglars, so long as they didn’t use disproportionate violence.

It is unclear what Mr Hussain, whose family had suffered such disproportionate violence, was supposed to do. Invite the masked intruders to put down their blades, take a seat and wait for the coppers to turn up?

It almost sounds like she is making a reasonable point, until you remember that she has no brain and is writing purely in ‘blind outrage’ mode. Turn away from the Daily Mail report (which funnily enough doesn’t go that much into depth on what action Munir Hussain actually took) and you’ll find the following details. One of Munir’s sons escaped the house, alerted the police and got a neighbour round. As he escaped the house two of the attackers fled, leaving Salem (the final attacker) to flee by himself. Munir and two others followed Salem and cornered him. They swiftly incapacitated him. Surely the three men would now wait for the police – who are on their way – because, after all, the family are safe and all the attackers have left the house?

Err, no, the three men decide to beat the shit out of the defenseless Salem – according to This is Local London:

The court was told one of the sons escaped to his bedroom upstairs, called the police and then left via a window, managing to get to the ground floor and to safety.

Two of the men went upstairs to find him and fled when they failed to find him, Mr Price said.

The family and the masked man downstairs heard the boy as he jumped, jurors heard.

Munir Hussain was “emboldened by this turn of events” and “hurled a coffee table at the man”, Mr Price said.

A struggle ensued and the balaclava was ripped from the intruder’s face before he fled the house, the court was told.

Munir Hussain and three others were seen chasing Mr Salem, before cornering him and beating him up, according to witnesses. This did not involve the two sons held in the house.

Mr Price said Mr Salem could have “died from his injuries because they were so severe”.

He was attacked with weapons including a metal pole and cricket bat in a small front garden belonging to neighbour Miranda McCoughlin, the court heard.

One man was bent over Mr Salem, punching him in the face and saying ‘who sent you?’ according to her written testimony, summarised by Mr Price.

Others kicked and stamped on him, he said.

A statement from neighbour Mark O’Brien, said: “The man on the floor was screaming like I never heard screaming before.

“I heard him say ‘stop, please stop’. I really thought that they were going to kill the man on the floor.”

Mr Price said: “Other residents in Desborough Park Road who saw the attack all of them without exception remarked on its apparent ferocity.”

Mr Salem was taken to Stoke Mandeville Hospital with severe bruising to the brain, a fractured jaw, elbow and finger and later to the neurology ward at John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford.

The cricket bat used to beat Salem was used with such force that the bat broke into 3 pieces. This isn’t the defence of home or family, this is a revenge attack against a defenceless man who they should have just held until the police got there.

Allison Pearson on the other hand still claims that Munir Hussain is ‘no vigilante. He is, however, a good man, a law-abiding citizen who took violent action after the most horrible provocation.’

This was an exceptional case. Robberies are committed and the culprits caught and restrained and beaten up in the UK every year and the judge does not prosecute the home owner because it is normally reasonable force and takes place inside the home. In this case 3 men chased down and incapacitated a burglar (which the judge says was perfectly within the law and reasonable) and then subjected a defenceless man to a brutal attack that nearly killed him – even though at this point he was no threat and other people tried to stop the attack.

If we all reacted like this we would have anarchy. I have no issues with using whatever force necessary to protect those that I love, but in this case his loved ones were by this point safe and the threat was completely neutralized. Hussain and his two helpers took it upon themselves to nearly beat to death a defenceless man, not something I’d like to find ‘entirely understandable’.

Furthermore, whether it is understandable or not isn’t really relevant, it was still a vigilante attack and this is illegal. People are convicted by courts, not by the victims of crime – otherwise the death penalty would be brought back and victims would be hanging every criminal in the country.
A final point regarding the punishment of Salem, if you can understand the desire for Hussain to have revenge and understand that Hussain and two others nearly beat Salem to death in a revenge attack. Then surely because they meted out on the spot ‘justice’ in the form of a metal bar and cricket bat (which incidentally broke into 3 pieces as they hit Salem that hard with it) they have no right to expect the court to issue further punishment? Surely a man can only be punished once for any one crime. In this case the judge clearly thinks that his punishment was nearly dying at the hands of those he sinned against.

If the family wanted to ensure he was punished through the right channels then they should have left him for the police, not doled out their own version of justice. I can understand the arguments put forward by people who think this judgement is wrong, I really can. However, Allison Pearson implies that Hussain was merely protecting his family (as if he had administered the beating inside his own home with his family under threat). The truth is much more unsavoury: Hussain carried out a sustained and extremely savage attack on a defenceless person, one who had been captured and could have easily been held for the police – something that an onlooker tried to request the men did. Instead they nearly killed him by stamping on his head, kicking, punching and hitting him with an iron bar and a cricket bat.

I would go to any length to protect my loved ones, but this case simply isn’t about that situation – no matter how much Allison Pearson thinks it is.

Britain’s Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall was a concrete barrier erected by the German Democratic Republic in 1961 that split Berlin in two. The barrier became much more than this, it was fortified with a wide area (that became known as the ‘death strip’) that contained anti-vehicle trenches and other things to stem any flow of human traffic from one side of the wall to the other. According to Wikipedia from 1961 to 1989 (when the wall came down) around 5,000 people had attempted to escape over the wall, with an estimated death toll of between 100-200 people.

So, quite a serious wall, politically, symbolically and physically.

Fast forward to 2009 and head west to Britain, a fairly liberal country which respects human rights (of its own citizens at least, on the whole) and has a democracy in which people can criticise the government and not only do they not get punished they actually get paid handsomely and work for tabloid newspapers. However, all is not well and the quiet streets steeped in history are ready to flood with the flow of blood spilt in the lawnmower of civil unrest stirred up by… BRITAIN’S OWN BERLIN WAR! That is right, you heard it here second, one town in Britain has been torn in two by a barrier so fearsome, pensioners must drive their lethal electric buggies literally YARDS to get round it. The death toll for those circumventing the barrier is currently thought to be nil, but surely it is only a matter of time before that pensioner dies.

The article that first shook British society with news of the terrible barrier appeared in the Liberal Daily Mail newspaper – champion of the little man (providing he’s white, middle-class, is called Gerald and lives in a lovely detached house worth at least £250,000 with a docile wife and 2.1 white children who attend Sunday school and play woodwind instruments) – who shockingly broke the story with a typically restrained headline: ‘Neighbours’ fury after school erects ‘Berlin Wall’ across road to allow pupils to cross safely‘.

The  divided hoardes
The comparison to the Berlin wall here is well-founded and provides a clear indication of just how serious this wall is. Built to protect school children – who might not even be white – the wall has succeeded in blocking off the end of an entire road. The restriction on human movement has affected literally 10 people, who – rather than walk the 45 yards that they used to – are now faced with a terrifying 150 yard walk around the block (quite literally in this case!).

Naturally the invasion of liberty and the inhuman demand that people walk an extra 105 yards has caused utter outrage and horror from a people usually slow to revolt. Beverley Mason, a 46-year-old art student, said: ‘It’s ludicrous. Why don’t they just ban traffic? ‘I can’t think of anywhere else this has happened, apart from Berlin.’

Pensioner Joe Beckles, 73, said the school had been unwilling to compromise: ”The school is not committed to having the road opened. We will carry on protesting until access is authorised.’ The whole community senses a divide much like that of Berlin, like the families torn apart for 28 years by the Berlin Wall, non-war hero Joe Beckles continues with a tale of his own grief:

They say it’s an inconvenience but we’re saying it’s much more we’re being deprived of.

‘The extra diversion the wall has created has caused me grief. People who come to see me can’t find me as the street is blocked.’

The school at the centre of the monstrous division refused to comment, but the local council (who can be unfavourably compared to the Communist Stasi or Nazi stormtroopers) insisted that the hoarding was only a temporary measure.

A spokeswoman (too evil to be named) said:

‘After a thorough consultation process, dating back to 1999, planning permission was granted in 2006 to turn Lant Street into an attractive space which would benefit the whole community and add to the outstanding facilities provided to Charles Dickens pupils.

‘Any objections received were fully considered at the time. Temporary hoardings are in place to address the issue of safety for children attending the school.

‘We understand that the hoardings can be an inconvenience and we do appreciate people’s patience while we improve the area for the benefit of all.’

One can only speculate as to whether the council actually intend on disbanding the ‘temporary hoardings’ or whether the whole city – or country – may eventually be divided by a rampaging council and school.

One can only sympathise for the divided residents in a town that could be any town in England. The residents can only hope and pray that the mighty pen of Richard Littlejohn will bring their crisis and misery to a wider audience on Friday, and that the school and council will be brought down by the masses chanting: ‘IT’S ELF ‘N’ SAFETY PC GONE MAD’.

PC Brigade Strikes Again

Another day another really old tradition destroyed by the PC Brigade. The actual story is about something different, but the Mail commenters are not put off as they get straight to the real problem: women shoved into jobs by the PC Brigade. The story is about a sorry case of bullying in the workplace: ‘Two Beefeaters sacked from Tower of London for bullying first female Yeoman‘.

It seems that two male members of staff didn’t like the fact that a woman had got the job – breaking a 500 year tradition of male only recruits. Getting the position was hardly easy – you need to have had a distinguished career serving Queen and Country for at least 22 years – and the appointed woman met this criteria. Surely not a problem is it?

Well it was for the two men who have been sacked for defacing her entry on Wikipedia – a pretty cowardly and pathetic act I’m sure most people would agree. However, Mail readers are not most people and they ignore the whole point of the story – bullying in the workplace – and instead focus on a good old bit of woman-bashing – something along the lines of: ‘It’s her own fault, she shouldn’t be there’:


At least those comments are currently the worst-rated on the article.

Police respond to grieving family concerns… Mail not happy

Another day, another attack on the Police Force from the Daily Mail. Today’s outraged headline is: ‘Unsolved murder’… who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! (Or how police wasted £20,000 probing suicide after tip-off by psychics). The article starts:

even the most diligent of officers would balk at the idea of launching a murder investigation based on a paranormal tip from a group of psychics.

This, however, is what Dyfed Powys Police did, even though officers were faced with what looked like a clear case of suicide.

Well, they didn’t really launch a murder investigation on a tip-off from a group of psychics, the truth is buried (as usual) at the very end of the article:

A spokesman for Dyfed Powys Police said: ‘The revelations of the mystics were brought to our attention via the family and these were followed to reassure the family that the full circumstances of the death were as they appeared.

‘Police have a responsibility to investigate all deaths thoroughly.’

The police were pretty much in an impossible situation, if they had ignored any concerns that the family had, then they’d be accused of neglecting the concerns of taxpayers, if they do investigate then they’re accused of wasting money. That is the trouble with Tabloid newspapers, they can never really lose because they can damn someone if they do, and damn them if they don’t.

Imagine the family’s point of view in this situation; they have to deal with the suicide of a family member and they would probably want to cling to any possibility that the family member did not take their own life. If they are offered any possibility that there was something more to the case I imagine they would want the police to investigate – no matter how slim the chances are of success.

But the Mail only like to pursue the human angle when it suits them, in this case they’d rather go down the ‘police wasting money’ mocking of a force trying to do the right thing by a grieving family. Just another day of gutter journalism.

Contrary to Media Reports…

Hat tip to the Mailwatch forum for the truth about this story in the Daily Mail: ‘Parents banned from watching their children in playgrounds… in case they are paedophiles‘. The article states that:

Parents are being banned from playing with their children in council recreation areas because they have not been vetted by police.

Mothers and fathers are being forced to watch their children from outside perimeter fences because of fears they could be paedophiles.

Watford Council was branded a ‘disgrace’ yesterday after excluding parents from two fenced-off adventure playgrounds unless they first undergo criminal record checks.

Watford council have issued the following statement to correct the media reports that are completely misleading:

Contrary to reports in the media, Watford Borough Council has not banned parents from public parks and playgrounds in the town!

We have simply reiterated that the fully supervised play sessions we run at our adventure playgrounds – Harebreaks and Harwoods – are for children aged 5 -15 years old, and that parents/carers of children and young people who visit these play sessions are not able to stay on site with their children during play sessions. This reduces any potential risks to children and ensures they are able to play freely.

The adventure playground play sessions are fully supervised and we employ CRB checked staff to run the facilities in the best way they see fit.

This is no different to other fully supervised facilities, like schools, playgroups or nurseries – where adults are not allowed to stay.

Parents and carers are, of course, welcome to bring their children safely into the sites and settle them in, but only aged children aged 5 – 15 year olds are permitted to stay for the sessions .

We are aware that there may be circumstances where there is a need for a parent/carer to stay on site, if this is the case please feel free to contact us to discuss so we can consider your needs before making a final decision.

If parents aren’t happy leaving their children – there are lots of other options open to them. In the town, there are 4 community centres, 5 children’s centres, over 40 areas of park and playgrounds, as well as a museum, two libraries… These are also free to attend and open to everyone.

Which kind of makes the Daily Mail look like a bunch of lying twats, and makes the 381 commenters on the story look particularly gullible and stupid. Still, any excuse to shout ‘PC gone mad’ etc.

Dick Spotted, Named Littlejohn

Predictably, today Richard Littlejohn couldn’t resist an ‘hilarious’ repetition of the ‘Spotted Dick has been banned and PC gone mad has changed it to Spotted Richard’ – which I guess is quite brave really, tackling a story which talks about ‘Dick’ and ‘Richard’ meaning the same thing. Naturally Littlejohn is fully behind the cries of ‘PC gone mad’ because he is an utterly thick twat and couldn’t possibly grasp even such a simple story as this to discover that really it has nothing to do with Political Correctness.

Thankfully a commentator has managed the following brilliant riposte:

Brilliant response to Littlejohn drivel

Superb. As usual there are numerous corrections for another Littlejohn mistake – this time calling someone an LibDem MP when in fact they belong to Labour; as well as pointing out that his main article is just the usual unfounded assumptions.

Really Richard, at least try and earn your salary by writing the odd decent column.

Trigger to be fired?

Judge Trigger is – according to the Daily Mail – facing the sack. Good. The man holds outstandingly ignorant views and has been using his position to get those views into the media. He doesn’t seem to understand anything about being professional and thinks it is OK to use his time in court to take out his own right-wing fantasy rants on those unfortunate enough to stand before him. Sad thing is, his ignorant rants are just the kind of ill-informed drivel you hear from Daily Mail’s writers and readers – and even on this site readers commented in support of him (and I’d assumed I was only preaching to wishy-washy liberals).

My previous article on Judge Ian Trigger attracted support and dissent and this comment from Joseph Strongarm I felt needed a response:

Why berate the Learned Gentleman for voicing what many people think, but are gagged from saying so for fear of being branded “racist” in their views.

I agree with Judge Trigger and wish we had more like him on the bench.

Well, his rants are not what I would associate with a ‘Learned Gentleman’ but more the inane ramblings of someone who only engages with reality through the pages of right-wing tabloids. As I did point out in the comments:

firstly, he is not paid to say what people think and secondly, what ‘people’ think is not a reflection of whether it is the truth.

If you actually believe that Asylum seekers / immigrants etc are given money, homes, cars etc and that they are partly to blame for the massive level of government debt then you seriously need to get better informed because you are a long way from reality.

Have you seen news that Asylum seekers are having their weekly allowance slashed from £40 odd quid to £30 odd quid?

Let me try to be clear on this: Judge Ian Trigger talks out of his arse when passing judgement by making massive sweeping statements about modern society. He is about as mentally hinged as a Melanie Phillips’ article.

The reason he is facing the sack is that he talks shite, but of course the Daily Mail spins it as if he has become a victim of New-Labour PC rules:

Oh I see, this modern hero who ‘dared’ to speak absolute bullshit about immigrants is actually a victim of the PC brigade, rather than being a victim of his own ignorance. The way the Daily Mail skewers each headline to illicit the immediate, moronic response of its readers is sickening, but not as sickening as the readers own desire to believe this shite. The comments on the article are largely supporting the judge as ‘saying what we all beleive’ etc, and that he should be knighted, not sacked.

I often try to engage in reasonable debate with Daily Mail readers because I like to think that anyone who has their eyes opened to the truth can change their wrongly held views, ideas or beliefs, but I’m beginning to despair. It seems like they don’t want to engage with the truth. A judge like Ian Trigger can talk some shit about immigrants causing the national debt with all the benefits that they pour into the coutnry for, and this is already such an accepted notion thanks to the tabloid press that he actually garners support for doing so.

We live in a society that has truth and fact so badly distorted by the tabloids that thousands of people will read the above headline and think: ‘this is outrageous! How can he face the sack for telling the truth?’.

Well it’s not the truth. It is not even close to the truth and I dare anyone to prove to me that the country is swamped by immigrants and that immigrants are drowning benefits. Go on, please, find me the evidence. Inform me how much an immigrant is entitled to, point me to the website / office that they can go to to jump the housing queue and get their complementary car. Show me the country village that is now 97% ethnic minorities. If you can’t find these things it’ll be because they only exist in the warped minds of those responsible for the tabloid press.

Judge Ian Trigger is not a victim of the PC brigade, he is guilty of being a racist, ignorant shit-head. That is his crime, and it is also his punishment.

Judge Ian Trigger: delivering judgement on us all

I had never heard of Judge Ian Trigger until I stumbled upon his claims on the Daily Mail website today: ‘Hundreds of thousands of migrants here for handouts, says senior judge‘. Let’s not beat around the proverbial here, Judge Ian Trigger is talking out of his arse and should learn to pass judgment on individual cases, not society, because he clearly does not have the intellectual capacity to conceptualize the bigger picture. As he gave a two-year jail sentence to a Jamaican drug minder – who disappeared from the notice of immigration authorities after claiming asylum – he made the following claims:

‘Your case illustrates all too clearly the completely lax immigration policy that exists and has existed over recent years.’

People like you, and there are literally hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people like you, come to these shores to avail themselves of the generous welfare benefits that exist here.’In the past ten years the national debt of this country has risen to extraordinary heights, largely because central Government has wasted billions of pounds. Much of that has been wasted on welfare payments.

‘For every £1 that the decent citizen, who is hard-working, pays in taxes, nearly 10 per cent goes on servicing that national debt. That is twice the amount it was in 1997 when this Government came to power.’

Where to start? This is ultimate Daily Mail wank fodder, a person in authority basically ranting as if he had had his body snatched by Richard Littlejohn or ‘Mad’ Melanie Phillips. For starters, people who arrive in the UK are not entitled to benefits, housing or anything else, so let’s please stop claiming that they are. Not to mention that this whole ‘immigration is lax’ idea is utter bullshit, it has never been harder to get into the UK. Furthermore, he arrived in the UK legally, he was only arrested when his Visa run out and then ‘disappeared from the radar of the authorities’, meaning presumably that he would not have been getting any benefits whatsoever. Subsequently, he turned to crime to support himself.

Quite why a Judge – who is presumably intelligent – sees fit to bring his own personal misconceptions into the public arena using phrases like ‘you people’ and ‘there are literally hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people like you’ is beyond me. For those people who claim that ‘PC has gone mad’ this is an example of just what Political Correctness is fighting against, idiots like Judge Ian Trigger who cannot act professionally. Instead they think it is perfectly acceptable to stir up hatred towards immigrants with ill-informed rants like this.

Political Correctness would argue that he should perhaps get his facts straight before engaging in such a rant, and might want to consider the racial implications of phrases like ‘you people’. However, I think Judge Ian Trigger represents a deeper ignorance that is shared and promoted by the Daily Mail, you can’t argue against such assertions because they are based on prejudice and ignorance, not logical conclusions. Does Judge Ian Trigger give us any evidence or make his sources for his assertions known? Of course not, but neither does the Daily Mail and mainstream media. Instead they all engage with invented numbers (‘hundreds and hundreds of thousands’) and general slurs (‘people like you’) as well as repeating the lie that immigrants are entitled to benefits upon arrival. They are not, I cannot stress this enough.

A quick Google search shows that Judge Ian Trigger is used to making sweeping generalisations based upon individual cases: ‘Top judge attacks ‘feral’ yobs in a courtroom tirade as Cameron calls for national service‘. His rant:

‘Parliament and its woeful and indeed dreadful concentration on rights forgets duties and responsibilities…We are living in a society which is bedevilled by wild feral youths such as you.

Before we plunge into even greater violence at the hands of lawless and irresponsible youths it is time for us to address the problem…

It is time for the public not to criticise the police but support them so that wild youths like you are brought to justice.

And it is time for Left-wing intellectuals and well-meaning do-gooders to abandon their obsession and concentrate on the obligations and responsibilities which we all owe each other.’

Again, the case was horrific, but Judge Ian Trigger does not have the intellectual capacity to draw any conclusions other than that this is a sign that the whole of the UK has been plunged into anarchy – ‘bedevilled by wild feral youths’. Again, with his attack on young people, ‘left-wing intellectuals’ etc he is providing perfect Daily Mail material. Subsequently, just like the Daily Mail, his rants are ill-informed, prejudiced and fearful.

Someone should tell Judge Ian Trigger that his job is to pass judgement on the individuals placed in front of him, not to pass judgement on the whole of society. I wonder how many of us in full-time employment would avoid a disciplinary for these kind of rants? If, for example, I had to deal with a student who was behaving badly, would it be appropriate for me to rant in front of all students that I thought ‘this pupil’ was just one of literally hundreds of thousands of feral youths that roam the streets as a result of ‘PC-human-rights-New-Labour-gone-mad’ system? I imagine it would be seen as entirely unprofessional, as we’re supposed to hang our prejudices at the door when we enter our place of work.

Judge Ian Trigger seems to be getting quite a high profile from unleashing his own ill-informed prejudices in his place of work, and the Daily Mail is only too happy to help legitimise the misconceptions of its readers by repeating them.

The Daily Express provides the perfect example of ignorance breeding ignorance: ‘FOREIGN SPONGERS SCANDAL, BY JUDGE‘. An article which is endorsed by Damien Green – wanker – ‘The judge is right’ and naturally Sir Andrew Green – utter, utter turd – ‘He is expressing a sense of frustration which is very widely felt among the public. And it is courageous of him to do so’. The truth, well that just doesn’t matter when you need only print those who share your ignorance.